In the digital economy, ecosystems are the communities that companies build to support platforms.

Ecosystems can be made up of software, services, developers, resellers, customers, and other stakeholders.

For instance, homeowners and guests make up the Airbnb ecosystem, while drivers and passengers make up the Lyft ecosystem. In another example, software developers, consultants, and end users are part of the AppExchange ecosystem. With an ecosystem, a company can lean on the community to create more value and drive more innovation, faster.

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AppDirect and Ecosystems

The AppDirect platform helps companies build and grow digital ecosystems of all types, from marketplaces that showcase software that complements a company’s products, to fully commerce-enabled developer ecosystems with onboarding, provisioning, and management capabilities.

The AppDirect Ecosystem
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Ecosystems “allow enterprises to massively scale distribution of their digital platforms and services through third-party digital innovators, accelerating adoption and revenue.”


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