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Marketplace Manager

Deliver results with back-office automation.

Deploy the latest technology to facilitate managing your product catalog, marketplace settings, customer service, marketing and billing operations. Reduce your cost of operations by automating all back-office functions, while driving top-line results with superior customer service tools and business analytics. Use the same game-changing cloud technology you will sell to customers to power your own performance.

Curate the buying experience.

Nuanced control over what your customers see as they find, try, and buy.

Take control of the products in your marketplace. Highlight apps to garner customer attention, create customized categories to target your most promising demographics, or remove products that are underperforming. You can also involve yourself in the developer integration process by running your own tests before launching a new service, and accepting or rejecting publication requests from developers. In addition, you can go beyond your native developer community and add leading cloud services to your marketplace from our network.

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    Production Catalog Management

    Allows you to manage all the products on your production marketplace. You can control product placement by promoting them as “Featured,” “Popular,” or “Staff Pick.” You can also mark products as “Coming Soon,” “Under Maintenance,” or remove them from the marketplace altogether.

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    Native Product Management

    Allows you to manage your native developer community. This tool allows you to view all of the products that developers integrate into your marketplace. You can see each product’s integration status bar and test the integration yourself. From here, you can also approve requests by developers to publish their products to your marketplace. Before approving publication requests, you can perform quality assurance on product integrations and profiles in a sandbox environment to make sure developers meet all your standards.

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    Custom categories

    You can completely customize the product categories in your store, including the number of categories and their names. You can also create sub-categories to allow your customers to drill down into the listings using filters.

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    Different category types.

    You can categorize your store by product functions, attributes, types, or industries. In this way, your customers can easily find the products that are most relevant to them by filtering for characteristics such as sales, featured apps, retail, and many others.

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    Automated Federation

    You can pull services to sell on your marketplace from the AppDirect Network. The AppDirect Network includes many leading applications across all major categories such as CRM, email, accounting and many more. After adding products from the network, you can manage their settings in your Product Catalog, categorize them, and set their distribution rates. All of these syndicated services come fully integrated for both easy subscription and identity management, offering a seamless customer experience.

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    Audit Logs

    Integration logs let Channel Administrators monitor developer integrations in both development and production. It lets them know when events are created by products. For each event on the marketplace, such as a customer order, it informs administrators of the event type, token, associated customer, event status, potential error codes, and account identifiers. It also allows them to view the event XML.

The right apps at the right price.

Grab attention and sell more apps with bundles and discounts.

Customers have chosen your marketplace to find the best software solutions. Help them meet their most pressing business needs quickly and economically with customized app bundles, while keeping them coming back for more with discounts, sales, and coupon codes.

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    Bundle maker

    You can create bundles on your marketplace to package solutions that complement each other. Simply create a bundle name, description, billing frequency, and select all the applications you want included. It will automatically generate a bundle profile that merges content from each product profile and aggregates the prices. You can then customize the profile, test the bundle, and launch it to your marketplace.

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    Bundle profiles

    The platform auto-generates a profile for each bundle in the marketplace. The bundle profile showcases the highlights and pricing of each included product and allows customers to drill into the details of each product from one place.

Discounts and Promotion Management

You can apply discounts to any product edition in your marketplace and create deals that span all products that you offer. The marketing platform provides tools that can support a wide variety of deal and promotion strategies, a sure way to delight your customers.

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    Automatic discounting

    The platform supports creating visible product deals on the marketplace. Applying an automatic discount on a product will create a “discount available” flag to attract customers and also display the deal details on that product listing profile.

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    Discount codes

    You can create discount codes to distribute to customers for special promotions. Customers can then submit the discount code at check out.

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    Fixed or percent-based discounting

    You can create any discount as either a fixed-rate discount or percentage discount off the list price. For example, you can offer $5.00 or 20 percent off a product.

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    Redemption limits and discount window periods

    You can set the maximum number of times a discount can be redeemed. If the discount is automatically applied, it will no longer appear in the marketplace once the maximum number of redemptions has been reached.

    You can set the start and end dates for any discount. This is useful for setting time limits on any given promotion, such as daily deals. On automatic discounts, customers will see the expiration date of the deal in the discount details section of a product’s profile.

Provide a flawless user experience.

Become an industry leader in cloud computing customer service.

We've built sophisticated systems that enable you to deliver outstanding customer service that sets your marketplace apart from the competition. AppDirect offers all of the tools and analytics necessary to create a leading end-user experience that will ensure retention and drive referrals.

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    Company Management Tool

    Shows all of the most important customer information by company. It indicates when a company account activates on your marketplace, the relevant contact details, and high-level analytics such as number of users, pending apps, trials, and paid apps. It also shows the total spend of each company on your marketplace.

  • Icons60X60 Mulitple Customer Dashboard

    Company Relationship Dashboard

    Provides all of the data and tools required to support a client at the company level. This company view offers a toolkit for support reps to service client administrators. It presents a wide array of per end user data including usernames, contact info, app usage, account status, and roles within a company account. It also shows all of a company’s subscription, invoice, and payment information, as well as activity logs.

  • Icons60X60 Custoer Toolbox

    User Management Tool

    Shows all of the most important end-user information. It displays which company each user belongs to and provides account information details. From here, you can drill into user data to access the tools and data needed to best serve them.

  • Icons60X60 Customer Dashboard

    User Relationship Dashboard

    Provides all of the data and tools required to support an end user. It presents all of a user’s usage statistics, such as the number of apps they own or use, unpaid and paid invoices, payments made, total spend, and much more. It also shows all of a user’s subscriptions, invoices, payments, and activities on your marketplace. In addition, the dashboard offers key support tools such as toggles to control user access and privileges within company accounts. Moreover, you can use this tool to get permission to access an account to resolve customer support issues.

Powerful revenue insight.

All the numbers that matter, all in one place.

With our billing management systems, you can track revenue and trends, while developers have full visibility into how well their apps are selling. View the details of each order, invoice and payment to offer superior customer service, as well as set syndication agreements that fit your business goals with our flexible vendor payout models.

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    View all customer purchase orders including order creation dates, start dates, statuses, billing periods, and total fees. Channel Administrators can also drill into an order to view a breakout of all of the line items.

  • Icons60X60 Invoice


    View a list of all invoices sent to customers on the marketplace, including sent date, amount payable, and payment status.

  • Icons60X60 Payment


    This module allows Channel Administrators to view customer payment details including the payment method, payment date, and the total payment made. For each payment, they can also view their revenue share and account receivable.

  • Icons60X60 Reconciliation

    Reconciliation Engine

    AppDirect handles all vendor reconciliations and payouts automatically. The reconciliation engine accounts for discounts and promotions applied to sales to parse out the share owed to each party in a transaction. It can also handle different distribution rates for each vendor to accommodate syndication agreements that may vary from one vendor to another.

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