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Standing Cloud, Cloud Foundry Mark Historic Day for AppDirect

By Dan Saks / September 9, 2013

130904  Standing  Cloud  Annoucement

Over the years, the AppDirect team has celebrated many milestones. Today, however, marks one of the biggest days in our history. In just a few hours, we will kick off our inaugural Partner Summit, a three-day event that brings together cloud leaders from all over the world. The Summit is one of the only industry events to focus on cloud services brokerage, and we look forward to sharing insights from our keynote speakers and panelists in the coming days and weeks.

The Summit also gives us a unique opportunity to talk about the future of AppDirect. In just a few hours, I will take to the stage to talk about how our vision for the company—and for the cloud industry as a whole—is changing. As part of that change, I am incredibly excited to announce that AppDirect has acquired Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud management services that enable fast, seamless application deployment and management.

Standing Cloud allows users to deploy applications, such as Drupal or WordPress, across private cloud environments within seconds. Together, AppDirect and Standing Cloud provide unparalleled solutions that offer more features and functionalities than any other competitor, technology that can be used by almost any provider for any type of use case, from public app marketplaces to internal enterprise application stores.

The Standing Cloud news is big, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Today we’re also announcing that AppDirect has closed its Series B funding round, securing $9 million from existing investors. Lead by iNovia Capital, our Series B will help us continue our rapid growth and positions us to capture even more of the rapidly expanding market for cloud services. For more information about the acquisition and our Series B funding, please read the press release here.

To top it all off, today we’re also officially announcing an innovative new partnership: Cloud Foundry, the leading open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provided by Pivotal, has become the first AppDirect partner to use our Marketplace APIs to power its Add-on Marketplace. With the Marketplace, Cloud Foundry users can now find, purchase, and bind third-party services to applications, making it even easier for developers to build, test, deploy, and scale their software. To learn more about our partnership with Cloud Foundry, please read the press release.

Each of these updates is exciting in its own right, but being able to announce them all of the same day makes their impact even greater. Together, they put an exclamation point on the incredible momentum we’ve experienced this year, and point to even bigger successes yet to come. I invite you to follow us on Twitter @AppDirect or use #AppDirectSummit to get the latest updates from the Partner Summit, and be sure to check back here for in-depth takeaways.