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AppDirect Partners with G2 to Offer G2 Ratings and Reviews Through the Add-On Store

By Ideas @ AppDirect / September 25, 2019

G2 appdirect guest blog

Last week at AppDirect's annual Engage summit, we announced a new partnership with G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage technology. In this guest post, Aubyn Casady, Senior Product Marketing Manager at G2, talks more about what the partnership means for our shared customers.

The clock is ticking: Online marketplace revenue is expected to double by 2022, which means offering customers a digital destination for selling products has gone from being a nice-to-have to a need-to-survive across tech and retail outfits alike. But building out a platform that is both easy to use and uniquely valuable has left a lot of businesses falling short—and their customers are abandoning their carts. So what’s missing?

G2 knows a thing or two about building out a scalable, customer-friendly marketplace: With over 93,000 products featured on, we’ve established ourselves as the top destination customers go to research technology software and solutions before they buy. But we didn’t get that top spot by simply featuring products. Matching those 93,000 products to over 850,000 verified peer reviews and ratings? That was the ticket.

In a sea of online marketplaces, what sets yours apart won’t be that you exist, but rather why.

This is why G2 has partnered with AppDirect: a comprehensive, end-to-end subscription commerce platform that provides the foundational framework businesses need to execute the digital marketplaces their customers not only can use, but want to. And with AppDirect’s latest launch of their Add-On Store, AppDirect-powered marketplaces now have more options than ever to customize, supercharge, and differentiate their platform from the rest.

So what does syndicating G2 reviews and ratings into your AppDirect marketplace power you to do? We’ve got a few thoughts.

Help Your Customers Buy Better

Sixty-seven percent of the buyer journey is spent conducting online research. That means that more than half of your customers are scouring the internet for information about the products you sell, before they even come to you to buy them. In an era of fake news, do you trust the rest of the internet to help your customers decide whether or not to buy with you?

G2 Review Syndication establishes your marketplace as a one-stop-shop for both the validated, objective data your buyers seek to make a decision, and the destination they need to execute their purchase.

Establish Trust with Your Customers

Eighty-four percent of buyers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. By syndicating G2 reviews into your marketplace, each product listing and customer engagement is backed by the power of 850,000+ verified, third-party peer reviews—that’s a whole lot of friends, and they’re all vouching for your marketplace.

Prioritize Authenticity

A peer review is only as good as the credibility of, well, the peer—which is why G2 staffs an entire team dedicated to moderating every G2 Review for accuracy and authenticity before publishing. Bots and trolls don’t fly with us, and with over 3MM monthly visitors to our site, we feel pretty confidently that the market agrees.

By syndicating G2 reviews to your AppDirect marketplace, you can offload the complexity of managing a reviewer community, while instantly benefitting from the consistent and effective verification process powered by G2’s research team.

Convert Opportunities

Driving traffic to your marketplace is half the battle, but once they’re there, what’s your plan to convert them? Turning visitors into buyers is—if we’re being frank with each other—the entire purpose of your marketplace. Fortunately for AppDirect customers who syndicate G2 reviews, it’s proven: Marketplaces displaying G2 ratings and reviews outperform those that do not. Period.

Marketplaces displaying G2 ratings and reviews outperform those that do not. Period.

So start populating your marketplace products with the ratings and reviews your customers depend on to make the right software decisions for their businesses—and let the deals flow in.

Drive Effective Experiences

Ever feel like you’re talking to a wall? Your kids are not the only ones making you feel this way: It can take up to seven unique impressions for a customer to truly internalize your message. That means even the most powerful, effective G2 review can get lost on a customer six times before they finally see it.

But with the ability to customize when, where, and how your G2 reviews and ratings appear throughout your AppDirect marketplace’s pages, you can drive that message home throughout each customer’s digital journey. From the home and product pages, to comparisons and search results, AppDirect mobilizes your G2 reviews to leave a lasting impression on every single visitor.

To learn more about how G2’s Review Syndication integration with AppDirect can help your business's marketplace, click here.

Aubyn Casady is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at G2.