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Recruit, retain, and help your agents or franchisees sell more efficiently with the cloud solutions they need to win more business.

Start Selling Cloud Services Franchises

Looking to differentiate?

Agents are typically left to find critical software on their own, then struggle with multiple log-ins and their data locked in silos. With AppDirect, all of the technology your agents need can be easily discovered, bought, and managed through a white-labeled marketplace with single sign-on. Data changes in one application are automatically reflected across all the software agents use, minimizing repetitive manual data entry. These advantages not only drive more revenue for the franchisor, but also attracts top talent looking for the franchise that can best support them.

Agents spend billions on technology. Get that revenue on your books.

The average agent uses 5-10 software solutions, including CRM, productivity, marketing automation, email marketing, analytics, and finance. This amounts to billions of dollars spent annually on technology that should be brought on to the books. Franchisors can even negotiate better terms on behalf of agents by leveraging the buying power from offering cloud vendors distribution to the entire franchise.

All the capabilities you need

  • End to End Solution

    Open and Agnostic Platform

    Integrate with your existing infrastructure to accelerate time-to-market for initial and subsequent launches. Customize your marketplace branding including logo, brand colors, etc.

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  • Tools and Services

    Extensive Catalog and Merchandising Capabilities

    Choose from a pre-integrated catalog of 300+ third-party apps. Create bundles, customize pricing and packaging, plus offer discounts, trials and more.

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  • Automated Provisioning, Billing, and Payment

    Automated Provisioning, Billing, and Payment

    Benefit from API-driven, subscription-based billing to generate orders, invoices, and process payments. Automatically manage reconciliation and payout to third-party software vendors.


Franchises elevating their business with AppDirect

More solutions for franchises

  • Launch a Software Ecosystem

    Launch a Partner Ecosystem

    Differentiate and innovate faster by providing an attractive environment for software developers to build creative solutions that drive more sales.


  • Tools and Services

    Centralize Tools and Services

    Any product or service agents need can be efficiently marketed, monetized, and managed under one white-labeled app store with single sign-on.


  • Sell Through Services

    Sell Through Agents

    Let agents seamlessly recommend and purchase value-added products and services on their customers’ behalf.


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