Sell Through Agents

Let agents seamlessly recommend and purchase value-added products and services on their customers’ behalf.

Sell Through Agents Franchises

Are your agents adding value after the sale?

While referrals and traditional communications like birthday cards have retained business in the past, all of the other agents are doing the same thing. To stand out as a trusted advisor, agents can go one step further after the initial sale by ensuring that their client has all the resources they need. Enable agents to sell value-added services and products from the internet and home repair to IoT security products that wrap around your core offering.

What’s stopping clients from switching?

The more agents sell to customers, the less likely they are to switch to a competitor. Give your agents the ability to sell complementary services that will increase stickiness for both the end customer and agents themselves as their book of business thrives.

All the capabilities you need

  • Optimize your digital supply chain

    Optimize Lifecycle Management

    Advanced merchandising capabilities including bundles of core services with value-added offerings, custom pricing, discounts and more. Agents can upgrade, downgrade, or otherwise manage their purchases self-service.


  • Automated Provisioning, Billing, and Payment

    Automated Provisioning, Billing, and Payment

    Point-and-click assisted sales makes it easy for agents to offer any product or service while AppDirect’s platform automates all the back-end processes needed to fulfill transactions.


  • End to End Solution

    Open and Agnostic Platform

    Integrate with your existing infrastructure to accelerate time-to-market for initial and subsequent launches. No ongoing IT or engineering intervention is required.


Franchises elevating their business with AppDirect

More solutions for Franchises

  • Grow Cloud Services

    Start Selling Cloud Services

    Streamline the discovery, purchase, provisioning, and management of 3rd party digital services, alongside your proprietary solutions with custom integrations.


  • Launch a Software Ecosystem

    Launch a Partner Ecosystem

    Differentiate and innovate faster by providing an attractive environment for software developers to build creative solutions that drive more sales.


  • Tools and Services

    Centralize Tools and Services

    Any product or service agents need can be efficiently marketed, monetized, and managed under one white-labeled app store with single sign-on.


Explore how selling to the end customer can drive more repeat business for your agents.