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Pierre-Luc Bisaillon Joins AppDirect as CIO, Looks to Grow New Role and Team

By Ideas @ AppDirect / March 4, 2021

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For many people, technology can seem precise, matter-of-fact, maybe even a little cold. However, for Pierre-Luc Bisaillon—AppDirect’s new Chief Information Officer (CIO)—it’s anything but. “I see technology as my creative medium,” he says. “Some people paint, sculpt, or sing, but I see devices, software, networks, and user interfaces as the building blocks of great user experiences.”

It’s a craft that Pierre-Luc has honed over the course of a nearly two-decade career in technology. Before coming to AppDirect, he served as the CIO at Cirque du Soleil and as Director of Enterprise Architecture and IT Finance at Bombardier Recreational Products. Pierre-Luc has also worked at smaller technology companies, but as he points out, a common thread runs through all of his experiences. “What I’ve learned is that software should be an extension of your thought process,” he says. “Good design should be seamless, and this is the same no matter where you work or what your role is.”

As Pierre-Luc was deciding what step to take next in his career, AppDirect’s ambitious goals combined with a strong culture drew him to the company. “Many organizations just focus on one side of various choices, but I see AppDirect as an ‘and’ company,” he says. 

“AppDirect is both a ‘high-tech’ and ‘high-touch’ company. It pushes the boundaries of what technology can accomplish at scale, but also spends a lot of time and energy building a solid culture, anchored in strong values.”

At AppDirect, Pierre-Luc also looks forward to growing a new team. “The CIO role at AppDirect is a new position, and I’m excited about the possibility of building this new IT organization,” he says. “I want to take IT services to the next level and become a trusted advisor to the business.”

A lot of that growth will happen in Pierre-Luc’s home city of Montreal, where AppDirect has an office and an expanding footprint. “For me, it’s also exciting that the company has solid roots in San Francisco, but also a large and growing presence in Montreal.”

The challenge of stepping into a new role and building a new team is one that Pierre-Luc is ideally suited for. “A good friend once described me as ‘restless,’” he says “I am curious and like to ask good insightful questions, and I love working on demanding assignments. I like being engaged with others working on a project together.”

But, that doesn’t mean that Pierre-Luc is all business. “I like a company that doesn’t shy away from having fun. Often, the most fun you can have is when you achieve something extraordinary with smart colleagues. I am definitely looking forward to that as well.”