MWC 2018: Looking Beyond the "Smart Factory" to Full Digital Transformation

By Swetha Salunke / Feb 28, 2018

Mwc 2018

Every year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) spotlights several key themes that shape the event. It should come as no surprise that “The 4th Industrial Revolution” is a one of this year’s featured topics. As MWC describes it, this theme “unravels the complex web of technology trends, partnerships, business concerns and opportunities that enterprises of all kinds need to address to survive and thrive in a digital automated world, and the demands this places on city and national governments.”

It’s a way of talking about Industry 4.0 that seems particularly fitting, especially as it grows beyond the factory floor to have a wide-reaching global impact. At the start, Industry 4.0 focused on cost savings on the factory floor. Now, companies must look beyond modest cost-savings to full-scale digital transformation. This means organizations must have a strategy to monetize data, outsource innovation, bundle hardware and services, and deliver them in a subscription model, all while establishing continuous feedback loops with end customers.

The future of connected industry technology is more than just the “smart factory.”

In other words, the future of connected industry technology is more than just the “smart factory.” At AppDirect, we’re proud to be here at the dawn of this new era in the digital economy and enable companies to succeed. As we just announced at MWC, we have the privilege of working with longtime innovators and industry leaders to deliver, manage, and monetize their digital products and services, rapidly advancing their digital transformation strategies and driving new revenue opportunities.

According to IDC, Three of out four manufacturers have technology initiatives driven by digital transformation, but only 29 percent have deployed an IoT solution. Clearly, there is much room to grow. Over the next few years, it will be critical for manufacturers to use digital technology to redefine how their business delivers and monetizes products and services.

Our co-CEO Dan Saks will be addressing these issues and more at a MWC session called “How to Survive and Succeed in the Digital Economy.” If you’re on the ground in Barcelona, you can see his talk March 1st, 11:30 local time in Hall 8.0 NEXTech Theatre D. You can also view MWC keynotes online here.

Swetha Salunke is the Product Marketing Manager for Manufacturing at AppDirect.