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Crewdle’s Videoconferencing App Joins AppDirect’s Network Catalog

By Ideas @ AppDirect / June 18, 2021

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AppDirect is pleased to announce the integration of Crewdle, the environmentally-friendly videoconferencing app, into its Network Catalog. Low-cost, effective, and great for companies of all sizes, Crewdle can help streamline any business’ daily operations.

A high-quality videoconferencing platform is vital for a company’s success. As 41.8% of the American workforce continues to work remotely, apps like Crewdle have stepped in to help keep people connected. For your customers, getting a message across in a swift manner is paramount to business operations. In our digital world, broken video feeds and a slow streaming connection could quickly lead to frustration between parties and reflect poorly on the service provider.

Crewdle makes it easier than ever to lessen your carbon footprint without sacrificing productivity. Adding Crewdle to your marketplace can offer your customers an easy, green solution to connect to others through its revolutionary peer-to-peer communication technology.

Why offer Crewdle?

Aside from allowing your customers to host meetings and communicate with others around the world, Crewdle offers some benefits not present in other videoconferencing apps:

Green operations

Videoconferencing platforms usually operate by taking a stream from a user, relaying that information to a third-party server, and then passing it along to the recipient.

Connecting to your peers directly means that Crewdle eliminates the need for external servers. This also means that your video streams travel the shortest distance necessary to reach its destination, conserving energy.

Eco-conscious companies will proudly use Crewdle, showcasing their environmental-focus with each meeting they schedule.

A direct stream of information and improved security

Thanks to Crewdle’s peer-to-peer technology, information is directly transferred from one device to the other, reducing lag and interference. By having direct streams of information, this also means better sound quality, clearer images, and less downtime for all of Crewdle’s users.

Additionally, recordings and metadata are kept completely private. On the Crewdle app, video streams are truly encrypted from end to end, shared only between the participants in a virtual meeting. Give your customers that added layer of security by offering Crewdle in your portfolio.

Other Crewdle features your customers will receive:

  • A personal ID room: Users can create personal meeting rooms that can easily be shared. Crewdle makes it simple for multiple people to join a meeting just with the click of a button.
  • Screen-sharing: Sharing screens or presenting a slide deck is easy on any device. Whether it’s showcasing a tab in a browser, demonstrating an application, or streaming an entire desktop screen, Crewdle makes it easy to share information with everyone in a meeting.
  • Application integration: Crewdle works well in conjunction with the tools your customers likely already use every day, such as Google Calendar and Slack. This means better-organized workflows and fewer unread messages.
  • Crewdle mobile apps: Crewdle is now available to install on desktop, tablet, or smartphone - making it easily accessible no matter where your customers are.

Check out the full list of features on Crewdle’s website. Please contact your AppDirect Customer Success Manager for assistance adding Crewdle to your marketplace, or contact us to learn more about launching an AppDirect-powered Marketplace.

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