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Calling the 2019 Class of Digital Heroes

By Dan Saks / May 24, 2019

Digital Heroes 2019 Blog

Today, the vast majority of companies are in the process of digital transformation. The vast majority will also fail. What separates organizations that succeed in changing their organizations and those that don't?

Earlier this year, we released the findings of a survey, the AppDirect Digital Economy Report, that provide a clear answer. A digital leader—someone who is a champion for digital transformation within a company—is a deciding factor for success.

We found many significant differences between companies that have digital leaders and those that don’t, but this may be the most important: 77 percent of companies with digital leaders say that their organizations are agile and can respond to market changes. Only 38 percent companies without a digital leader say they are agile and responsive.

The people who drive digital transformation are special individuals who deserve special recognition.

Agility is paramount in the digital economy, but orchestrating the organization-wide change that digital transformation requires is a tough job. There are difficult challenges at every turn, from planning, to gaining internal alignment, to shaking up entrenched company culture, to securing budget—and that's just to start. The people who go to work day after day and confront these obstacles head on are special individuals who deserve special recognition.

That's why AppDirect is searching for the next class of Digital Heroes. Last year, we recognized people from businesses and non-profits around the world who are driving digital change at their organizations. This year, we're continuing our mission of finding and honoring the innovative thinkers and risk-takers who are finding new ways to use digital technologies to spur change, for both their colleagues and their customers.

Do you know of anyone who deserves to be recognized as a Digital Hero?
We'd love to hear about them. Please submit your nomination using the link below. The deadline is Friday, June 21st, 2019. Honorees will be notified in July, and awards will be presented at Engage, AppDirect’s Digital Economy Summit, this September in Montreal, Canada.


Dan Saks is co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect.