Helping device manufacturers deliver, manage, and monetize their digital products and services through an IoT ecosystem.


With the evolution of manufacturing 4.0, the manufacturing sector is undergoing a digital transformation, with widespread connectivity opening a massive opportunity to drive new business and refine internal processes. Growing revenue in today’s digital economy requires generating follow-on business from software and services, while enacting new and innovative business models.

To increase revenue, manufacturers want to: 

  1. Improve the direct sales experience for customers by centralizing their digital assets. 
  2. Create and manage an IoT ecosystem of third-party developers that build innovative value-added solutions.  
  3. Continuously upsell customers on new features and services that can be delivered through connected devices.
Manufacturing 4.0 Challenge


AppDirect provides a secure, proven IoT marketplace enabling industrial manufacturers and enterprises to build agile digital businesses around value-added applications, software, and services -- and establish themselves as leaders in manufacturing 4.0. The IoT marketplace provides device manufacturers with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between people and their devices. It comes with the complete billing and merchandising suite needed to empower customers to discover, use, manage, and buy features, apps, and services. OEMs and device manufacturers can rely on AppDirect to easily distribute digital goods and services and grow revenue by billing in a flexible manner and quickly iterating on their business models with an IoT ecosystem that handles millions of transactions daily.

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Manufacturing 4.0 Solution
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    Enterprise Electronics

    AppDirect provides a secure commerce platform that enables enterprise electronics manufacturers to build agile businesses around value-added software and services. With AppDirect, manufacturers are equipped with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between users and their hardware.

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    Industrial Manufacturing

    AppDirect helps industrial manufacturing companies overcome the complexities of delivering, managing, and monetizing apps and services for their hardware and customers. It enables OEMs in the industrial IoT market to deliver ever-changing services and features on any device or hardware, without the typical long deployment cycles.

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    Automotive OEMs

    AppDirect helps automotive OEMs bring innovative connected driver services to market and deliver an experience with their brand at the forefront. It enables automotive OEMs to increase driver satisfaction and customer retention with compelling infotainment services, while creating and supporting an open IoT ecosystem of innovation.

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Vibrant Digital IoT Platform

Manufacturers are challenged with generating more value and revenue from their hardware offerings. Utilizing the AppDirect Commerce Platform, manufacturers can build a strong IoT ecosystem of assets, software, and services around their hardware. This will help bring a wealth of new insights from having a direct and ongoing link with to customers, and allow companies to take the lead in manufacturing 4.0.

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Integrated Digital Experience

AppDirect’s Commerce Platform enables manufacturers to unite their siloed and unintegrated digital platforms and marketplaces through one digital channel with multiple customer touch points. The comprehensive IoT platform extends the customer experience to not only traditional desktops and mobile devices, but also the unique hardware that comprises a manufacturers core offering, improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, streamlining onboarding, and driving revenue generation.

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Manufacturing Integrated Digital Experience


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