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Sell Hardware as a Service

Drive business model innovation

B2B subscription services may have roots in software but customers everywhere are increasingly looking to leverage this model across other parts of the tech stack.

Whether you are a manufacturer or service provider, pivoting to selling hardware as a subscription service is the business model innovation your company needs in order to stay responsive to customers’ evolving requirements.

Selling Hardware, or Device, as a Service makes your products more accessible as customers can make smaller, recurring payments instead of a single, large capital expenditure. It also delivers greater cost certainty to your customers because additional costs such as setup and support can be included. For you, benefits may come in the form of greater revenue predictability and margins, and customer lock-in.

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Create and sell comprehensive HaaS/ DaaS solutions

Getting HaaS/ DaaS right involves more than just taking the same product and splitting it into recurring monthly payments. Key capabilities to succeed include:

  • Combine first and third-party products and services into comprehensive solutions.
  • Bundle and sell hardware with SaaS, downloadable software, managed services such as setup and support, in a single transaction.
  • Mix and match pricing models to get to strike the right balance of variable and regular revenue streams, including one-time, recurring, and metered usage models.
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