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Drive repeated use, build a trusted advisor relationship and increase share of spend

The last three blocks, the Retain stage, focus on expanding usage and building relationships that help companies become trusted advisors.

Building Block 10: Ongoing Expert Support

Some companies think they can put up a knowledge center or provide an email address and check support off of their requirements list, but make no mistake— support is a mission-critical function.

Live assistance, the human element, is necessary across the entire cloud services lifecycle, from the sale, to onboarding, to ongoing management, and beyond.

If you set the expectation that customers can turn to you for help—and you are successful in meeting this need—it will drive long-term customer retention.

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Building Block 10 Ongoing Expert Support

Building Block 11: Customer Lifecycle Management

Cloud services are raising the bar for providers. The sales cycles are often longer, provisioning and management are more complex, and support requires more experience and expertise.

These are higher hurdles to clear, but for the companies that do it well, the rewards can be even greater.

First among these is the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with customers that drive long-term value. For providers that focus on the long game, cloud services sales and onboarding are just the beginning.

As you will see, managing the entire customer lifecycle is essential to success.

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Building Block 11 Customer Lifecycle Management

Building Block 12: Upsell/Cross-Sell Strategy

One of the last stages in the customer lifecycle is the upsell/cross sell. It is also the final building block for SaaS go-to-market success, and for a very important reason: You cannot successfully up/cross sell without going through each of the previous building blocks.

Companies that do follow and implement the SaaS go-to-market framework are in an excellent position to increase sales and revenue through upselling and cross selling. They have taken the time to build a trusted relationship with customers, one that will drive higher customer lifetime value.

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Building Block 12 Upsell Cross Sell Strategy

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