Building Block 12 Upsell Cross Sell Strategy


Building Block 12: Upsell/Cross Sell Strategy


One of the last stages in the customer lifecycle is the upsell/cross sell. It is also the final building block for SaaS go-to-market success. You cannot successfully up/cross sell without going through each of the previous building blocks.

Successful SaaS Go to Market

Strategy Tip

To be most effective, use the “land, engage, expand” approach to selling cloud services, including up/cross sales:

  • Establish Anchor Applications


    Establish your company and products with one or two anchor applications

  • Deliver Value Establish Trust


    Provide onboarding, support, and customer lifecycle management to establish trust and start delivering value

  • Increase Customer Stickiness


    Identity adjacent use of cases of specialized services to increase customer stickiness

Building a Foundation to Succeed

Value delivery is the key that unlocks the right to up/cross sell, and if you haven’t earned that, it makes little sense to try to upsell or cross sell earlier in the go-to-market journey.

Companies that do follow and implement the SaaS go-to-market framework are in an excellent position to increase sales and revenue through upselling and cross selling. They have taken the time to build a trusted relationship with customers, one that will drive higher customer lifetime value.

Implement GTM Framework

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