Subscription Billing

Simplify and accelerate your billing with the world's leading open source billing solution.

Implemented by more than 120,000 companies in 150 countries, jBilling features flexible options for subscriptions, converged billing, discounts, and bundles, as well as more than 1,000 custom plugins. With a simple, intuitive user interface, fully customizable international language and currency settings, out-of-the-box and made-to-order expansion packs, jBilling is a powerful framework that was built to grow with your needs.

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Make complex billing simple with the industry's leading open source enterprise billing solution.

  • Core Features

    The world's leading open source enterprise billing solution offers the most flexible options for subscriptions, converged billing, discounts, and bundles, all from an intuitive user interface. With a fully customizable international language and currency settings, out-of-the-box and made-to-order expansion packs, and over 1,000 custom plugins, jBilling is a flexible, powerful billing framework that was built to grow with your business.

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  • Control & Governance

    Easily control which users are given access to specific functionality and information using role-based policies. It’s easy to grant customers access to your system to pay for products and services, change personal and billing information, review invoices, and download historical payment data.

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  • Customizable Accounts & Hierarchies

    Pinpoint invoice recipients with custom, complex hierarchies for each account. Record exactly the details you need with custom fields that are fully accessible through our API.

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  • Automated, Configurable Invoices

    Automatically generate invoices and control both invoice design and delivery method. Choose from emailed custom PDFs, mailed physical invoices, or both.

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  • Flexible Automated Payments

    Automatically process payments via credit card or ACH and setup complex payment schedules using jBilling’s powerful payments automation engine. Set up early payments, partial payments, credit limits, automatic deductions and much more. Use jBilling plugins to add even more payment options.

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  • Integration APIs

    Integrate your application with jBilling's APIs to complete any action possible through the GUI. Integrate to any or multiple payment gateways via gateway plugins.

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  • Merchandising

    Price your product your way. Create bundles, packages, or payment plans, as well as complex promotions, including customer- or time-specific discounts, volume-based discounts, and more.

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  • Event Mediation

    Process hundreds of events per second in any format, including CDRs, with error detection and management. Configure jBilling’s mediation functionality with plugins to read the specific format of your events.

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  • Services and Support

    Launch and maintain your jBilling solution with a support plan that works best for you. Choose from one-day response time during normal business hours to 24x7 support with a half-hour response time. All plans include remote troubleshooting and upgrades to latest version of jBilling.

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  • SaaS Delivery

    Traditional billing solutions must be downloaded and hosted locally at your company. With jBilling, we take a different approach. By using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, we offer the fastest, easiest, and most secure billing solution in the world, fully hosted for your convenience.

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Over 120,000 companies have chosen jBilling.

Learn how we helped them succeed.

  • Cloud Services Brokerage

    With jBilling, Verecloud is able to accommodate a range of cloud services deployments and sales channels while ensuring accurate billing across its cloud-based platform.

  • Virtual Office

    jBilling allowed Silent Partner to improve billing accuracy, accelerate cash flow, and cut monthly billing processing time by 90 percent, all while boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Government

    jBilling helps the State of Arizona securely process credit card and ACH payments for hundreds of different state services.

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