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Launch, scale, and optimize across indirect channels faster through reseller management.

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Register and Manage Your Channel

A single place to register, share content, and manage your partner community.

Drive Registrations

Enroll partners through invite-only programs or open, self-serve registration, complete with approval workflows. Create a community of reseller or referral partners and categorize based on program tiers.

Share Content

Customize and deliver content to your partners based on their program tier through our CMS. Drive sales by sharing information such as product specifications, FAQs, support information, pricing, videos, documents, and more.

Manage Your Community

Easily manage partners through role management functions. Reduce operational overhead by automating processes for tracking lead registrations, routing, approvals, and auditing partner activity logs.

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Set partner-specific permissions and discounts

Give partners access to customers, verticals, and products they are authorized to support. Get granular control of each reseller’s price point at the product edition level or set default revenue share rates.

Create flexible pricing plans and bundles

Create unlimited permutations of pricing plans or bundle various products together to design custom solutions for your resellers to promote.

Migrate existing resellers onto the platform

Reduce time to market through pre-built CRM integrations to migrate partner sales teams and their existing customer base onto the platform.

Automate and Scale Partner Sales

Let your channel focus on sales, not manual processes. Empower them to create deals, convert opportunities, and complete purchases on one platform.

Create, Manage, and Distribute Leads

Grant exclusive access to partners to create and manage leads. Configure your platform to distribute qualified leads to the right partner through automated workflows or allow partners to instantly convert leads.

Ease the quoting process

Let your resellers create and manage quotes for qualified opportunities with a built-in approval process. Accelerate sales by automating custom pricing request and approval workflows. Monitor activities through audit logs.

Streamline Purchase Workflows

Create a frictionless purchasing process through a modern and dynamic checkout flow that supports bundles, discounts, price changes, and all forms of payment methods.

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Automate provisioning and user assignment

Automatically create customer accounts and grant end-users access privileges once resellers place orders. Automate user assignment through easy endpoint integrations.

Customize and personalize notifications

Manage and personalize notifications to resellers and end customers across a comprehensive set of events. Customize the content and control the timing and trigger to ensure that the right people are hearing the right message at the right time.

Integrate with core business systems

Integrate AppReseller with your existing CRM, ERP, or any other core internal system through AppDirect’s connectors technology.

Provide Resellers More Control

Provide each reseller with the tools to manage customers and subscriptions efficiently.

Add and manage end users

Allow resellers to invite users, reset passwords, manage roles, and get restricted access to customer accounts to offer superior customer experiences.

Buy on behalf of end users

Allow reseller partners to purchase products on behalf of their customers. Enable resellers to create, edit, and send quotes to their customers through the platform, assume identity, and complete the purchase on their behalf through various payment options.

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Manage the subscription lifecycle

Resellers can create, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel subscriptions or assign and un-assign users on behalf of customers. Plus, they can view orders, invoices, and payment data related to subscription sales.

Manage multiple payment methods

Accept a variety of PCI-compliant on- and off-platform payment methods, all of which are reconciled automatically.

Easily Reconcile and Measure Impact

Access robust reporting across your channel through a single dashboard. Simplify back-office operations by automating reconciliations and generating payouts.

Simplify partner reconciliation

AppReseller’s reconciliation engine accounts for discounts, upgrades, downgrades, prorations, and more, to parse the amount owed to each partner. It can even process custom revenue share rates per reseller to accommodate distinct reseller agreements.

Manage reseller payouts and collections

Issue payouts and track historical transfers made to resellers or request payments from them. Plan transfers for current balance, balance for a specific time period, or record off-platform payments.

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Gain real-time visibility

View reseller sales performance dashboards across customers, subscriptions, invoices, payments, and payouts to measure the success of your channel. Access a library of reports, export the data, or use our APIs to run your own analytics.

Create and schedule custom reports

From the contents to the scheduling and format, tailor reports about resellers and customers. Set filters, select date ranges and reporting frequency, and adjust formatting parameters on the downloadable files.

“Any company serious about the channel should have a way for partners to easily interact with it. At the end of the day, it's my job to make it easy for our partners to do business with us and AppDirect helps us achieve that.“

- Michael Benayoun, Director of Channel Sales
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