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We go beyond standard security to put rigorous data protection practices at the core of every product we offer, giving you the confidence you need to transform your business.

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Access Control

Privileged users can control account security settings and access permissions to cloud services, along with user roles and authorizations. You can enforce additional access controls and password policies to meet your needs. You may ask for changes to your platform with peace of mind in knowing that AppDirect has an admin approval process. No AppDirect employee touches your platform before a business case is made and their identity is confirmed as an authorized admin.

Authentication and Authorization

AppDirect’s marketplace supports single sign-on (SSO) for all purchases through the marketplace. As an identity provider and consumer, AppDirect supports leading security protocols such as SAML, OpenID, and OAuth. We also implement and support special requests to best address your requirements.

Authentication and Authorization SS

Strong Data Encryption

AppDirect uses the latest technology and industry best practices for encrypting sensitive data both at rest and in transit. More specifically, we encrypt all customer data at the disk level and encrypt the transmission of data across open, public networks with 256-bit SSL certificates. Encryption keys are stored in separate secure locations and are frequently rotated. Each customer also receives several unique encryption keys to further support strong encryption.

Compliance and Certifications

AppDirect follows security best practices and is audited by third parties against well-known certification programs, including:

Information Integrity

AppDirect provides detailed audit trails for every action or activity that occurs on the platform. These audit trails are protected from unauthorized modifications and backed up to a centralized log server. Furthermore, we use file integrity monitoring or change-detection software on logs to ensure that existing data cannot be changed without generating alerts. Logs are kept for one year or the duration desired by customers.

Cloud Security

While the cloud service provider (CSP) ultimately holds responsibility for the infrastructure, AppDirect works to ensure that your data, cloud environment and platform are as secure as possible at all times.

Cloud Security

Bug Bounties and Penetration Tests

AppDirect continuously hunts for bugs and allows third-parties and customers to do the same. Every customer may receive a test marketplace in order to execute their own penetration tests without disrupting the live platform. If an error is found, we will work to resolve the problem immediately.

Vodafone Business

"We rely on AppDirect to help in our journey, we don't treat them as a vendor. They are a strategic partner and... we've been working with AppDirect very closely to roll out the platform into our markets, which has improved our customer experience and allowed us to do more in terms of our SaaS business."

- Stewart Hawker, SME Product Management
Stewart Vodafone Testimonial

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