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Five Software Companies Maximizing Growth with a Stellar Partner Strategy (and two that are a must-watch)

A vibrant partner community is fundamental to long-term success as software companies face those challenges and work to keep pace with demanding customers.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppMarket / Mar 22, 2022

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Industry Trends & Insights

3 Things on Business Owner’s Minds During COVID-19 (And What to Do About Them)

Uncertain times lead to creative solutions. Daily business has changed and it is imperative to pivot quickly to preserve business continuity and employee safety.

By / Partners / Apr 07, 2020

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Cloud Commerce Experts Share Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

As the pace of technology change accelerates, it's getting even harder to pin down the trends that will have an impact on the digital economy. AI, IoT...

By Ideas @ AppDirect / AppDirect / Jan 05, 2020

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Industry Trends & Insights

Cloud has created new expectations for customer service

Cloud has changed the customer service landscape, and your customers expectations.

By / Partners / Nov 14, 2019

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Industry Trends & Insights

The largest modern business challenge, may not be what you would expect

According to Ponemon Institute, the industry's gold standard benchmark research, the average total cost of a data breach throughout the world grew to $3.86 million.

By / Partners / Sep 01, 2019

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Industry Trends & Insights

The Most Common Breach - Password Security

Can you guess the single most important item for personal, and professional security, with regard to account hijacking and hacking? Your Password.

By / Partners / Feb 01, 2019