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Product Profile Blog

Strategy & Best Practices

Building a Rich Partner Product Profile—Converting Browsers to Buyers

What does it take to evoke confidence in your integrated solutions? Shideh is back to review the elements that need to work together to convince your visitors to click the buy button.

By Shideh Rahmanian / AppDirect / May 3, 2022

Partner Monetization Strategies Blog

Industry Insights

Partner Monetization Strategies: Which is Right for You?

Your Partner Strategy will evolve as your business grows. Shideh Rahmanian breaks down the various models and the impacts of each on your business - from operational considerations to added revenue.

By Shideh Rahmanian / AppMarket / March 1, 2022

Ecosystems Mean Big Business Blog

Industry Insights

Ecosystems Mean Big Business for Companies of All Sizes, So What Are They?

Shideh Rahmanian breaks down what ecosystems actually mean to software vendors, why we need them, and whether you should be looking at participating in one or orchestrating one.

By Shideh Rahmanian / AppMarket / February 22, 2022

Why Marketplace Redesigns Are a Must and How to Do Them Effectively

Strategy & Best Practices

Why Marketplace Redesigns Are a Must, and How to Do Them Effectively

Business buyers have long been accustomed to slick digital experiences in their personal lives and that exposure is shaping their expectations of what...

By Shideh Rahmanian / AppMarket / May 18, 2020