Rev Up Your Sales Strategy: Mark Your Calendars for These Regional Events and the IoT Mobility Summit

By Rebecca Muhlenkort / May 17, 2023

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As we gear up for summer, we're thrilled to announce the AppDirect Enables series is hitting the road and bringing innovative solutions to your doorstep. We cannot wait to connect with our channel community, sharing insights on unlocking new revenue streams.

A big hit with advisors

These events are ideal for partners considering becoming an AppDirect advisor or for advisors looking to expand their network and get more involved with the AppDirect ecosystem.

In all AppDirect Enables regional events, we dive into how we can help you expand your portfolios, and accelerate revenue growth, with the AppDirect platform and Marketplace, advisor tools, and expert-led support.

AppDirect Enables

Looking to jumpstart growth? Why this is a can’t miss opportunity

At this event, you'll learn how you can buy, sell, and manage over 1,000 products in the AppDirect catalog, from telecom services to cloud solutions. Attending gives you the tools to apply best practices, ask practical questions, and start meaningful conversations with your customers. A sample agenda:

  • A quick snapshot of the AppDirect Marketplace—We’ll share a quick snapshot of the AppDirect Marketplace. The marketplace gives you the ability to browse the industry's most robust technology services catalog, with more than 600 top providers, giving you direct and easy access to virtually any technology solution your customer needs - from connectivity to SaaS, and energy

  • Talk to technology experts—We'll briefly cover how our expert sales support resources help advisors focus on what matters most—selling and delighting customers. Learn how we support advisors every step of the way, from pre-sales to integration and support. This means you don't need to be an expert in all areas. You'll learn more about resources available, including strategic channel managers and sales engineers. Individuals from these teams can help you solve and quote complex deals on day one, so you can add to your monthly revenue

  • A preview of advisor tools—Learn more about how our self-service tools optimize sales processes, including CableSeller, Connectivity Service Locator, and more. We'll also show you the advisor portal which includes a unified back office that simplifies day-to-day management, sales tools to work smarter, and critical time savers to help you spend more time with your customers

  • Answer questions, uncover sales strategies—We’ll provide you with the tools and insights to answer the tough questions and uncover sales strategies that are working in today's market. Our expert speakers will share best practices to help you navigate customer needs and preferences, identify new sales opportunities, and close deals

Check out our events page to learn more about connecting with us and for a schedule of upcoming events

Accelerate your IoT sales with the interactive Mobility Summit

Don’t wait to sign up for the IoT Mobility Summit scheduled for June 6, 2023, in Chicago. This interactive event empowers you to start meaningful conversations with your customers. Attend this half-day event to learn how to position yourself as an expert in IoT and mobility and gain insights into the latest trends and technologies driving the market.

But why IoT now?

The answer is simple: IoT revolutionizes how we live, work, and interact with technology. The market is only getting bigger, from remote monitoring solutions to connected devices for manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and energy. You’ll gain knowledge to capitalize on this growing sales opportunity, ensuring that when your customers buy IoT solutions, it’s from you.

Top 3 reasons you attend the IoT Mobility Summit:

  1. Talk with industry experts about starting IoT conversations

  2. Get access to qualifying questions you should be asking

  3. Uncover what solutions are selling to what specific customer segments

And after the summit, you'll have a chance to unwind and have fun with your fellow attendees with a networking event at Topgolf! Take advantage of your chance to build stronger channel relationships and drive growth and innovation in your business.

Are you a provider interested in getting involved in one of our events?

Our in-depth training and curriculum—through our Academy Live, regional events, and online training—empowers advisors to effectively cross-sell, upsell, and strategically optimize opportunities to solve customer challenges. To learn more about upcoming event opportunities, contact the Provider Growth Team.

Unlock even more revenue, mark your calendar for our Security Workshop

In addition to our regional event series and the IoT summit, we also have several Security Workshops on the schedule for the summer. Register quickly, space is limited!

Read our Security Workshop blog or watch our video to learn more