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New AppSmart Marketplace functionality further simplifies the selling experience across connectivity and cloud

By Heidi Humphreys / November 8, 2022

AS Marketplace Simplification Blog

We’re thrilled to unveil a collection of key functionality enhancements to the AppSmart Marketplace, powered by AppDirect. This product launch comes on the heels of our exciting announcement last month signaling our intent to unify the AppDirect and AppSmart brands in the coming months. These product updates seamlessly integrate our back-office connectivity services within the Marketplace to give advisors a more cohesive experience, whether selling connectivity or cloud services. With these investments in our platform, we’re continually optimizing the advisor experience, helping you drive growth at every stage of your business. We’ve also upgraded two of our advisor tools—Telco Quotes and Service Locator—to drive efficiencies around connectivity service searching and quoting.

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A simpler way to sell connectivity, cloud, and more—Provider Sales + AppDirect Sales

Advisors now have streamlined access to all the tools needed to sell connectivity and cloud, accessible from a single pane of glass within the AppDirect platform. Advisors can access their back office tools directly from the Marketplace under the Provider Sales tab. Previously known as Appsmart Office (ASO), Provider Sales includes all the functionality advisors are used to to manage quotes, orders, and commissions for connectivity sales billed directly by the service provider. Within the Marketplace, advisors can also access the AppDirect Sales tab to manage and visualize SaaS or cloud sales billed by AppDirect.

Quickly access Provider Sales (sales billed by the provider) or AppDirect Sales (SaaS or cloud sales billed through AppDirect) in the Marketplace

Easier access to commissions reports and data

We’ve also added a convenient side menu to make it easier to find critical commission-related information, delivering a more cohesive navigation experience. Launch all of the activities related to your commissions, including:

  • Commission Payouts

  • Commission Inquiry Link

  • Cloud Commission Rates

  • Telco Commission Rates

Access Commission information quickly within the Marketplace

Expanded capabilitiesTelco Quotes & Service Locator

We’ve also expanded the capabilities of our connectivity quoting tool Telco Quotes, now powered by MasterStream. You can access Telco Quotes directly from My Workspace, along with other tools needed to optimize your business.

Telco Quotes is a powerful quoting tool that automates the tedious administrative task of obtaining costs for internet, MPLS/VPN, private line, or wireless services from multiple telecom providers. Upgrades include broader search functionality and the ability to generate quotes for multiple terms and multi-sites. Use the expanded capabilities of Telco Quotes to quickly search and quote customer connectivity options:

  • Get quotes for more telecom services—including Internet, voice, MPLS/VPN, private lines, and wireless—for up to 1000 locations

  • Get quotes for international addresses

  • Look up and validate a customer's area code or prefix for quote requests

  • Bulk upload up to 5000 locations to include in a customer quote

The Telco Quotes tile is now available on My Workspace

Broader coverage, and richer results now available in Service Locator

Service Locator, AppSmart's tool for researching available business connectivity options, now includes even more serviceability data by leveraging the APIs of ConnectBase. Access to greater serviceability data within Service Locator saves valuable time and allows you to efficiently solve customers' connectivity challenges. Using Service Locator, advisors can search virtually any commercial location in the U.S. and instantly retrieve detailed, up-to-date data on the network service providers that serve that location.

Instantly find results for Location Exchange Carriers (LECs), cable companies, and on-net and near-net fiber providers.

Service Locator upgrades

  • ConnectBase now powers Service Locator to find the right connectivity solution for customers

  • Coverage of 5,800 connectivity providers in the U.S.

  • Coverage of 122.58 million U.S. locations

  • Coverage of 154.65 million international locations and 1.8 billion serviceable locations globally

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