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IoT - Asset Management And Tracking Made Easy With Cloud

By / February 19, 2020

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IoT Management

IoT devices have proliferated our homes and businesses. These devices are typically self-sufficient, however, they still need to be regularly monitored and managed to make sure they stay secure, and continue doing the job they're intended to do. For medium size and enterprise level opportunities, how can this be accomplished efficiently, with all the devices and facets that make up a typical solution?

Create Effective Solutions By Partnering With Proven End-To-End Solution Builders

An effective end-to-end solution will start with proven hardware and system design. You want to avoid unknown vendors and solution providers. This will only cause issues for a number of reasons, stemming from lack of updates, support, and inferior product build quality. Proven solutions will also be extremely agile and scale with the customer as they grow. The best solutions will uncover ways to save the customer money over time, as visible data makes this possible.

Features To Look For In Highly Effective IoT Management Solutions

  • Configuration and updating of devices
  • View Upload/Download usage by day or month
  • See how many connections are using each call plan
  • Easily identify and act on Alerts
  • View SIM connection totals by day or month
  • Real-time current cycle charges on a call plan level
  • Activate, suspend, or terminate connections quickly and easily
  • Troubleshooting of data connections
  • Alerts based on user defined parameters and thresholds
  • Change call plans on a single connection or a batch of connections
  • Identify heavy users to reduce or eliminate overage fees
  • Data optimization through A.I.
  • API’s for integration
  • Connectivity billing integration
  • Export reports to 3rd party billing platforms

Partner With Vendors That Have A Proven Integration Process And Design

  • Hardware Research
    Market need
    Longevity in market
  • Manufacturer Sourcing
    Direct Manufacturer
    Hardware customization options
    Technical support
  • Initial Testing
    Communication Protocols
    Data transmissions
  • Quality Assurance
    Enclosure quality
    Firmware QA
    QA Pass/Fail testing
  • Backend Integration
    Database entries and management
    Code parser for incoming data
    New model onboarding
  • Profile Configuration
    Carrier and Server Setup
    Design profile
    Distribute profile for testing
  • Testing and Qualification
    Run field tests
    Battery-life qualification
    Data loss standards qualification
  • Compliance Certification
    All communication standards met
    Integration completion
    Compliance certification signoff

IoT Doesn't Need To Be Difficult

Today's IoT management is as advanced as the devices that make the solution possible. Take this checklist with you when shopping for end-to-end IoT solution vendors, and make sure all the boxes are checked for your next mid-level to enterprise IoT opportunity.