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AppDirect Merchants Can Now Sell Dropbox Business Product Suite

By Denise Sarazin / April 27, 2022

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AppDirect and Dropbox have teamed up to allow merchants to sell Dropbox business products to their customers on the AppDirect subscription commerce platform.

Dropbox offers market-leading cloud storage and file synchronization products that keep employees and teams in sync by providing a centralized place to securely store documents, manage data access, work together on projects, and manage workflows like sending, signing, and storing agreements. The products offered in this partnership include Dropbox Business Suite and HelloSign. A non-automated version of DocSend is also available.

For merchants, being able to include Dropbox on their marketplace gives them a best-in-class product that they can sell on its own or as an add-on with other compatible products. For their customers, this takes them one step closer to one-stop shopping for their favorite and most-used business applications, and it gives them the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate Dropbox with other technology solutions they use every day.

A Vital Partnership in Support of Today’s Hybrid Work Environment

If you ask business, technology, and HR leaders in most organizations today for the top trends impacting their business, remote work is inevitably listed at or near the top. After more than two years of remote work during a global pandemic, many companies are finding that to retain existing employees and hire new skilled workers, they need to adapt their policies with flexible and remote work arrangements. In a Gartner human resources study, 95 percent of HR leaders anticipated that at least some of their employees would be working remotely after the pandemic. The dramatic shift to remote and hybrid work has resulted in a dizzying acceleration towards digital transformation to support this new reality.

A crucial element in supporting that digital transformation is the requirement for cloud storage on an unprecedented scale. Cloud storage solutions—like the file storage, sharing and other services offered by Dropbox—have become essential for businesses in the digital economy, and growth in the sector is predicted to reach more than $390.33 billion by 2028.

Analysys Mason’s SMB Technology Forecaster data indicates that the file sharing and synchronization solution market is in hyper growth mode—with growth expected to exceed 20 percent over the next four years, reaching $120 billion by 2026. The research firm names Dropbox as a top company in that sector.

Leveraging the AppDirect Ecosystem—One-Stop Shopping for Dropbox Customers

For Dropbox, the partnership with AppDirect gives them the ability to strategically extend its reach by joining a software ecosystem of top-ranked technology companies that recognize that making their products part of a comprehensive solution rather than standalone offerings is the best path to scale innovation, accelerate revenue growth, and create more value for everyone involved.

“Being able to offer our services through AppDirect—a leading strategic cloud marketplace with a large and growing base of technology merchants and end users—enables us to get to market quickly and deliver an exceptional customer experience," said Deb McClure, Vice President of Sales for the Americas at Dropbox.

“We know that our business customers want a one-stop shopping experience, and that for every app or tech solution that they use, there’s an average of seven other apps or services that they’d like to integrate with that solution,” she added. “One of our key goals is to help our customers manage their workflows efficiently and effortlessly, and offering our services through merchants on the AppDirect platform allows us to offer our products not as individual widgets, but as part of a larger solution that addresses a set of needs for the customer.”

8 Great Ways Dropbox Integrates With Other Productivity Apps

There are countless ways in which using Dropbox integrated with other partners’ solutions can help users be more productive and effective. For example, they can:

  • Share content in Zoom. With Dropbox, users can collaborate and share feedback on content in real time during their meetings. Being able to work on files on the same platform as their meeting results in better meeting productivity and results.
  • Create and store Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Dropbox
  • Add Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to shared Dropbox folders, with automatic inheritance of sharing permissions
  • Use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to edit Microsoft Office files stored in Dropbox, without having to change file formats
  • Seamlessly access Microsoft 365 content and collaborate across desktop, web, and mobile
  • Preview Adobe Creative Cloud files, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD prototype files in Dropbox and Dropbox Paper
  • Share and preview Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD files from Dropbox, with design previews available across Dropbox and Dropbox Paper on the web, and on Android and iOS devices.
  • Share, edit, and preview files from Dropbox in Adobe Premiere Rush. Users can edit their work quickly and post content to social channels faster from their mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Dropbox’s Impressive Scale in Numbers

Today, Dropbox Business is about much more than file sync and sharing. Its integrations, extensive feature set, and available add-ons make it one of the most extensive and reliable content collaboration platforms in the world.

  • One of the largest public cloud providers in the world and fastest sync provider in the market today
  • More than 600 million registered users in 180 countries
  • More than 300,000 plug-and-play integrations, including enterprise partnerships with Google and Microsoft and an open API
  • 97 per cent user adoption as a result of stellar usability
  • 1 exabyte of information (over 50 billion office files) hosted in Dropbox data centers. More than one billion of those documents are accessed and worked on weekly
  • Machine intelligence built into its platform means Dropbox can actively send alerts and reminders based on what users are working on
  • Document search based on a single character as a result of built-in optical character recognition that makes finding documents easy and efficient

How Merchants Can Stand Above the Competition

Dropbox expands AppDirect’s industry-leading portfolio to meet growing demand for cloud storage solutions. “We’re thrilled to have Dropbox on the AppDirect platform,” said Hakan Kilic, Senior Director, Digital Growth at AppDirect. “By all measures, Dropbox is among the top 20 global trusted leaders in cloud and file storage, and giving our merchants the ability to sell Dropbox lets them offer their customers all of the advantages of purchasing Dropbox through an all-in-one marketplace.”

Merchants can set their business apart by including Dropbox in a bundle or as an add-on from a catalog of services offered by 300+ SaaS and IaaS providers, with options for preferential pricing, discounts, and trials to drive purchase behavior—all designed to make products stickier than if they’re offered separately.

Merchants have two options in adding Dropbox to their marketplace. Regardless of the option you choose, AppDirect does all the integration work with auto provisioning and users and subscriptions can be managed on the marketplace. All ordering is automated so there’s no need for you to have an order fulfillment team. After your customer purchases Dropbox, they have access to their license within moments and their company admin can start assigning them right away in the Dropbox console. This decreases your operating costs and reduces provisioning for customers from days to minutes. provisioning is automatic .

Customers get a unified invoice covering all their services from you, and their apps—including Dropbox—are all accessible using single sign-on from their MyApps page on your marketplace.

Following are the two integration options:

  1. You maintain your reseller relationship with Dropbox—If you’re already in a reseller relationship with Dropbox, you can opt to maintain that relationship and still add Dropbox to your marketplace.
  2. Offer Dropbox through the AppDirect Reseller catalog—AppDirect does all the enablement and offers pre-sales and other support, and your customers access Dropbox through their MyApps page.

Start Selling Dropbox Today

The Dropbox product suite is available for Merchants to purchase now on the AppDirect catalog. To discuss your best option for integrating Dropbox on your marketplace, call your AppDirect Customer Success Manager today.