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StrataCore Set to Intensify its Business Transformation Through Partnership with AppDirect

January 10, 2023

StrataCore chooses AppDirect for its unparalleled combination of B2B commerce capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, January 10, 2023—AppDirect, the world’s leading B2B subscription commerce platform, today announced that StrataCore, a premier technology advisor for cloud, connectivity, security, and data services, has selected AppDirect as its exclusive partner to fuel its future growth.

StrataCore selected AppDirect as its strategic partner on the strength of its marketplace, with a vast catalog of SaaS, telecom, energy and other products available to advisors from more than 600 providers, all backed by leading integration and back-office support. This will enable StrataCore to greatly expand its offerings to its clients and improve the client experience.

StrataCore will leverage AppDirect’s newly launched account management service. It has also partnered with AppDirect through the AppDirect Capital Invest program, which enables advisors to diversify their business and stimulate growth through up-front capital. With AppDirect Capital Invest, advisors retain ownership and control of their business.

“We’re thrilled that StrataCore is partnering with us to power their business transformation trajectory,” said Renee Bergeron, Chief Operating Officer at AppDirect. “AppDirect offers a unique and unparalleled combination of benefits for advisors, and we’re delighted that StrataCore will leverage our Invest program as a vehicle to solve some of their toughest business problems. The innovation, growth, and diverse portfolio resulting from this partnership will enable StrataCore to serve its clients even better,” she added.

“AppDirect’s leadership team is in it for the long-haul and committed to doing what’s right. That’s really important to me,” said Aaron Loehr, CEO & Founder at StrataCore. “AppDirect has built a B2B marketplace platform that is second to none with more than 300 engineers. Our enterprise clients want to use both an advisor and a technology platform to manage and procure their technology, and we expect that AppDirect’s marketplace combined with StrataCore’s advisory capabilities will lead the way to this future. Our partnership with AppDirect represents a major step forward for StrataCore, our team, and our customers,” he added.


StrataCore is the premier Technology Advisory firm in the Pacific Northwest. StrataCore helps customers understand all the options that exist in the technology marketplace: How they’re similar, and how they’re different, and why those differences matter. With our team of experienced technology advisors, StrataCore helps enterprise companies see around the corner to ensure they follow best practices for their digital infrastructure.


AppDirect is a San Francisco-based B2B subscription commerce platform company that brings together technology providers, advisors, and businesses to simplify how they buy, sell and manage technology. More than 1,000 providers, 10,000 advisors and 5,000,000 subscribers rely on the AppDirect ecosystem of subscription marketplaces to power their innovation, growth, and success.

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