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AppDirect is the leading digital commerce platform to sell Office 365 and other popular Microsoft cloud products.

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With more than 60 million users worldwide, Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most successful business solutions ever. To drive this skyrocketing growth, Microsoft relies on a network partners to market and sell its cloud solutions. The Microsoft opportunity is massive, but to be successful, service providers and resellers need to get to market with Microsoft quickly and cost effectively while offering a best-in-class user experience.

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AppDirect's advanced digital commerce platform can help companies get up and running with selling Microsoft cloud products within a matter of weeks, instead of the months it can take with other platforms. With AppDirect, Microsoft resellers can choose from almost 100 Microsoft products—including Office 365, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Azure and more—brand a custom digital marketplace, launch, and start selling.

Moreover, the AppDirect platform allows Microsoft resellers to bundle additional applications from AppDirect’s catalog of more than 270 fully integrated cloud-based business solutions, giving them the flexibility to scale their business and meet changing customer demands.

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“Office 365 is a huge component of our Software as a Service portfolio, it's very important to our business in applications. AppDirect offers us the ability to easily provide those services to customers, to rapidly onboard and offer the latest versions of Microsoft products as quickly as we can, enabling us to get to market much more easily than we would otherwise.”

- Tim Otton
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How it works

The AppDirect digital commerce platform automates critical backend functions—such as billing, provisioning, and activation—essential for selling Microsoft cloud products, saving time and money while improving the customer experience.

In addition, AppDirect provides the fastest, most cost-effective route to becoming a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). The CSP program streamlines selling Microsoft products for all types and sizes of partners, and AppDirect provides a complete end-to-end solution for meeting all CSP criteria.

AppDirect already powers more than one million Microsoft cloud users. With flexible technology from AppDirect, now is the ideal time to start selling Microsoft solutions, or improve the Microsoft experience you already provide.

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