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Drive 1st time use (/adoption), maximize value delivered, and reduce support calls.

The three blocks that make up the Onboard stage focus on driving adoption and following through with customers to set them up for success.

Building Block 7: Onboarding Email

In most sales cycles, actually making the sale marks the pinnacle, and natural endpoint, of the entire process. In the world of selling cloud services, however, it’s what comes next—onboarding— that can be just as critical to boosting a provider’s bottom line.

That’s because SaaS products are unique; customers won’t get the full value from their software purchase unless they activate and actually use all of the features and functionalities that the product offers.

When selling SaaS to business customers, a clear, straightforward onboarding program is your first, best chance to retain those customers. Learn about what customer onboarding means.

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Building Block 7 Onboarding Email

Building Block 8: Online Onboarding Center

An online onboarding center gives customers the opportunity to learn more about the cloud services they’ve purchased, as well as another way for them to self-serve and answer their own questions before escalating to human - assisted support.

Your onboarding center doesn’t need to be sophisticated, but it does need to offer a few key items, including at least one web page dedicated to each application that you offer (Office 365, Dropbox, Canvas, etc.). Learn more about what each application page should contain.

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Building Block 8 Online Onboarding Center

Building Block 9: Live Onboarding Support

The steady increase in SaaS adoption underscores the fact that today’s businesses are eager to try new software solutions, and users across the company— not just the IT department—are often technology savvy. However, even the most knowledgeable users can need help to get up and running with a new application.

That’s why providing live, human-assisted support during the onboarding process is so critical to success. Let’s dive deeper into why this is the case.

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Building Block 9 Live Onboarding Support

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