Building Block 8 Online Onboarding Center


Building Block 8: Online Onboarding Center


An online onboarding center gives customers the opportunity to learn more about the cloud services they’ve purchased, as well as another way for them to self-serve and answer their own questions before escalating to human-assisted support.

Online Onboarding Center

Strategy Tip

Your onboarding center should offer a few key items, including at least one web page dedicated to each application that you offer. Each application page should contain:

  • A step-by-step setup guide

  • A user deployment and management guide that details how to deploy and manage software across employees

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that covers common questions about the application

  • App-specific content, which can include short video tutorials, step-by-step instructions on popular features, screenshots, etc.

Easy and Accessible Onboarding

The onboarding website as a whole should also have internal navigation links so customers can easily find the information they’re looking for. Finally, the center should have a permanent, persistent section that offers options for customer support, including chat and phone-based support at a minimum.

Onboarding Optimizations

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