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AppInsights for Marketing

Validate ROI, track performance, and get a holistic overview of your marketing campaigns.

What can AppInsights do for you?

  • Automate data collection from all of your different marketing tools
  • Unify tracking of user engagement, ads, and lead qualification
  • Get real-time data on the success of your campaigns so resources are never wasted
  • Gain confidence in your ROI and get clarity on how marketing spend is impacting revenue
  • Share and report marketing KPIs with key stakeholders
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Dashboards for marketing

Marketing campaigns are more complex than ever. AppInsights lets you unite metrics from social media, web analytics, email automation tools and more so you can track these key data sources using a single app.

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Solutions Marketing Dashboard
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Boutique marketing firm wins clients through AppInsights.

For Atlanta-based lead generation firm Dealbot, innovation starts with live reporting of ROI data for their clients.

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