The High Cost of Taking a Wait-and-See Approach to Digital Transformation

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According to a recent Forrester report, communication services providers (CSPs) are unprepared for digital transformation. Telecom companies rank at or near the bottom in business agility and customer experience, and overall the industry is performing “poorly” when it comes to digital initiatives.

Despite these issues, many CSPs are not proactively addressing digital transformation and the complex issues it involves. However, being behind the curve in the digital economy puts providers at particular risk of being disrupted by more agile competitors.

This white paper explores why:

  • Many CSPs are taking a wait-and-see approach to digital transformation, putting them at risk of disruption.
  • CSPs face declining revenue, customer churn, and market share erosion without a digital transformation strategy.
  • Digital transformation initiatives can increase market share and profitability.
  • A platform strategy can help CSPs deliver digital products and services with the greatest speed and least risk.