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Command Center

AppInsights is your customer’s one-stop-shop to keep an eye on their business' health and well-being.

A business command center and central repository for all business metrics

AppInsights creates a data hub for your customers. With clear KPIs and business health monitoring, customers can make the right call in any situation and never be caught off guard.

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Data solutions for any role

From sales managers and marketing teams to data analysts and project managers, AppInsights provides flexible solutions for all priorities, projects, and teams with real-time reporting, data analytics, and visualization.

The opportunity to engage and inspire

AppInsights allows clients to communicate strategies, develop insights, and align teams, driving collaboration by uniting people around the numbers that matter most to help meet the company's business goals.

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Limitless scalability

No matter the size of the organization, AppInsights can scale its full suite of user management and data security tools to suit any organization.

Centralized data accessible from anywhere

With fast, customizable cloud-based data connections from AppInsights, your customers can access their information from any data source and get the answers they need for critical business decisions.

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Integrate with a wide variety of information sources

Whether it's popular web-based business applications, a custom database, internal spreadsheets, or custom data APIs, AppInsights can communicate with all of them and access one of a company's most valuable assets: its data.


With a centralized data hub, your customer can monitor the health of their business in real-time.

Constant vigilance

AppInsights dashboards update in real-time with the latest available data so your customers can be on top of their critical business operations at a glance. They can compare current numbers to historic trends and get the context around the progress of the business.

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Personalized dashboards

AppInsights’ powerful and flexible platform allows anyone to connect, view, and share their data simply and effectively. From marketers to data scientists, any team can deliver insights on the most important business data, and the dashboard can be customized to ensure that no important metrics are missed.

Get notified, instantly

The system lets companies configure alerts to trigger based on customized data thresholds, so critical changes are brought to the attention of the right person at the right time.

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“Having AppInsights in front of you is a major motivator, and our team is looking at it every single day. It’s a tool that people follow and watch in the office, when they’re traveling, when they’re remote — it’s how we keep track of day-to-day growth.”


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AppInsights streamlines the reporting process and creates a single source of truth for the entire company.

Streamlined reporting

Clients receive insightful reports via quick, customizable automated processes for all of their key metrics with real-time visualization. By utilizing AppInsights' SaaS platform, customers can deliver reporting to the right people at the right time, giving them the data they need to clearly define their business goals.

Data on demand

Rather than emailing copies of spreadsheets, your customers can instead invite users to their AppInsights account or share a live dashboard. Powerful visualizations make data more meaningful while real-time updates ensure that the data is always fresh no matter when it is viewed.

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Quickly archive and retrieve

Schedule dashboard reports to be sent at a daily or weekly interval, or however often users prefer. Archive these emails for easy retrieval or forwarding, and begin to build a picture of KPI performance over time.

Scales to fit any audience

Set up and manage any number of users with different permission modes. Your customers retain full control over data security while preserving ease of access for authenticated users - all without calling IT.

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Unite teams around AppInsights KPI dashboards and generate more powerful insights through communication and collaboration.

Encourage team communication around goals

Empower your customers to host discussions around business KPIs so they can build a culture around data and testing instead of ideas without substance.

Data-fueled discussions

Customers can add comments to AppInsights data activity as new trends or anomalies emerge. We’ll keep a record of comments made across every dashboard so spontaneous ideas are never lost in the shuffle.

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Promote a data-driven culture

Promote ownership among individual stakeholders and assign users to data sets specific to them. Check in on the discussion and quickly catch up with the thread of conversation before following up with the appropriate team lead.

Dive into the data

Explore the raw data populating the AppInsights dashboards so customers can develop testable hypotheses rather than passing around guesses. AppInsights allows them to perform computations on their data in-app, or export it for further analysis.

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