Turn One-Time Transactions into Recurring Revenue

Subscription commerce isn’t just for B2C.
B2B subscription commerce models are complex, but have the power to transform 1x transactions into predictable recurring revenue.

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Complex doesn't have to be complicated with a powerful subscription commerce platform built for you.

  • Fast

    Price, package, and configure your own offers alongside third-party offers quickly without back-end system headaches

  • Integrated

    Provision your own or third-party services in seconds, providing instant gratification to your customers

  • Streamlined

    Pre-integrated tax solutions and payment gateways make tax and payments simple

  • Smart

    Define, configure, and change custom reports to get actionable insights from your platform data

Powering millions of cloud subscriptions worldwide

“We’ve been working closely with AppDirect to roll out their platform into our markets, ultimately improving our customer experience and allowing us to do a lot more in terms of our SaaS business.”

“It made sense to partner with someone who had the expertise and vision to bring the marketplace to the forefront of the industry, thus partnering with AppDirect.”

“One of the reasons we went with AppDirect was to leverage the digital sales expertise of the platform, and allow us to free ourselves to focus on what we’re good at.”

“From marketing support, technical support, working with the leadership team on helping to solve some of our business problems… It’s the true definition of a partnership which AppDirect brings to us.”

How it works

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    Request a Meeting

    A subscription commerce expert will assess your readiness and advise you on next steps
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    Build a Business Case

    We’ll work with you to create a business case using our 10+ years of proven best practices
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    Gather Consensus

    Now it’s time get buy-in from the key stakeholders that will bring your project to fruition
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    Start Selling

    Your dedicated customer success team will get you selling in as little as 3 months

Power your recurring revenue

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You’re one step away from building your subscription commerce platform.

  • Fast

  • Integrated

  • Streamlined

  • Smart