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Make it easy for resellers to do business with you, while lowering costs through automation.

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Automate your reseller management with a single place to manage your partner community.

  • Register and manage your channel

    A single place to register, share content, and manage your partner community.

  • Automate and scale partner sales

    Empower partners to create deals, convert opportunities, and complete purchases on one platform.

  • Give resellers more control

    Tools to manage customers and subscriptions efficiently.

  • Easily reconcile and measure impact

    Simplify back-office operations by automating reconciliations and generating payouts.

Powering millions of cloud subscriptions worldwide

“We’ve been working closely with AppDirect to roll out their platform into our markets, ultimately improving our customer experience and allowing us to do a lot more in terms of our SaaS business.”

"Without AppDirect we wouldn't have been able to sell SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS in an automated way. From the purchase flow to the bill, everything is available with a couple clicks."

“One of the reasons we went with AppDirect was to leverage the digital sales expertise of the platform, and allow us to free ourselves to focus on what we’re good at.”

“The biggest impact for us has been time-to-value. We went from ideation with a few simple whiteboard sketches and wireframe designs, to implementation and launch in under 6 months.”

How it works

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    Request a Meeting

    A reseller management expert will assess your readiness and advise you on next steps
  2. 02


    Build a Business Case

    We’ll work with you to create a business case using our 10+ years of proven best practices
  3. 03


    Gather Consensus

    Now it’s time get buy-in from the key stakeholders that will bring your project to fruition
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    Scale Your Sales

    Your dedicated customer success team will help you launch, scale, and accelerate partner management fast

Automate your partner sales

Request a meeting with a reseller expert

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You’re one step away from automating your reseller management through a single platform.

  • Register and manage your channel

  • Automate and scale partner sales

  • Give resellers more control

  • Easily reconcile and measure impact