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How it works

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    Integrate with our API

    Integration with AppDirect is a free and simple process that allows you to distribute your application across multiple app stores. We use a RESTful API that enables automatic account provisioning, access management, and single sign-on.

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    ​Publish to our network

    Once you've integrated and created a marketing profile, selling your product on multiple application stores is as simple as clicking "Publish." There's no need to create multiple profiles or perform additional integrations. We'll pipe your application into any marketplace you choose.

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    Get paid

    AppDirect manages all transactions with customers on behalf of your application. This allows you to avoid the billing nightmare and enjoy a check on the fifth of every month. Prefer PayPal? We'll send the money straight into your account.

The Benefits of Integrating

Sell your product in multiple cloud marketplaces with our software distribution tools.

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    Distribute Your App

    Today, developers are forced to spend valuable time and resources marketing their applications directly to businesses. Without a clear distribution strategy, this process is extremely costly and inefficient.

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    Find Marketplace Partners

    To ensure the right businesses find and buy your applications, we select marketplace partners with strong brands and loyal customers. Our network reaches millions of businesses in a variety of global industries. And we’re growing!

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    Publish With AppDirect

    Publish your application to our network and it's instantly available for distribution to marketplaces across the globe. We market your product so you can focus on innovating amazing apps.

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    Access new Customers

    Every time an AppDirect partner launches a marketplace, you have the potential to reach a dramatic number of new customers with your application, from tech start-ups to hair salons.

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