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Global Company.
Global Pandemic.

Being a truly global company, the COVID-19 pandemic affected all of AppDirect. Like everything we tackle at AppDirect, we looked to our core values to create our response to the pandemic.

This was not just a shift from working at physical offices to working from home for us. This was so much more. This was personal. It was human. We established and lived by our COVID mission:

“We are committed to the health
and welfare of AppDirectors and
their immediate family members.”

And, we made it a priority to keeping employees updated on the latest developments through weekly email updates leveraging a True North, data-driven approach.

In our COVID-19 mission, we made sure to realize that the pandemic not only affected our AppDirectors but their families as well. All AppDirectors have access to a remote leader to provide pulse oximeters to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms (including family members).

Our importance on the “individual” was at the heart of every decision made. We continue to iterate and expand our ways to support our AppDirectors through the challenges of the global pandemic and to continue our mission of creating a world where technology is universally accessible for anyone to thrive in the digital economy.

In support of this mission, we also:

Held 5 COVID Global Town Halls bringing in thought leaders including a doctor on the frontlines, a mental health expert on family resiliency, and even hearing a firsthand testimonial from an employee who tested positive

Established telemedicine resources for every region across the globe

Administered oximeters to all Site Leaders across the globe to distribute to their respective regional employees if they believe they, or someone in their immediate family, might have fallen ill

Formed a Wellness Buddy program for AppDirectors to regularly check-in and facilitate foodservice delivery if one of their colleagues tests positive

Created opportunities for pickup/delivery of office equipment in order to establish and maintain a productive work-from-home office setup

Supplied local food service> for employees who test positive and didn’t have the means to cook for themselves while recovering

800 AppDirect “Offices”...and Counting

On March 18th, 650 AppDirectors (at that time) joined our 50 already home office workers to become a total remote organization.

Overnight, our AppDirect community evolved into one Global Remote Site. Dining room tables became workstations, kitchens became breakrooms and pets became co-workers. In spite of all the changes to our working environments, we did not lose the ability to connect, collaborate, have fun and thrive….and often accidentally “on mute”.

We have not lost sight of what makes AppDirect so special - our AppDirectors and the people they are. We are constantly evolving the way we connect, celebrate, share, and inspire each other from afar. Although we cannot be together in person, our commitment to transparency through information has never been stronger.

Leading the crusade for connection and transparency, our co-CEOs began the journey of virtually hosting roundtables in each of our regions. Asking for feedback or encouraging questions from our employees, our CEOs are passionate about connecting with AppDirectors around the world.


Although in response to the difficulties created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in the interest of keeping every AppDirector safe we are working remotely, we continue to come together for social events.

Our company culture built upon inclusion and uniqueness is elevated even higher with regularly held global virtual events. Whether through virtual happy hours, “Applympics”, live talent shows, culture festivals, trivia showdowns, top chef-style live cook-offs, or casual 1:1 video coffee chats - we are as connected as ever.

Most importantly, our push for work-life balance has remained more important than ever with activities to help get you off your computer being the best version of you, through our peak performance platform. The world is changing and we’re changing with it.

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Be Seen Be Seen

New norm.
Even better beginning.

We have not just adapted and transformed the way we collaborate together during this time, but we also changed the way we onboard our newest AppDirectors, too. Everything is focused on the experience.

We have transformed the onboarding process into a fully immersive journey to get you connected into the entire company. And, it begins even before you start! You'll be sent a swag box full of AppDirect branded attire and items, as well as helpful resources and videos so you can get familiar with our company and culture.

Starting on Day 1, you'll have a virtual meet 'n greet with your team, you'll be assigned a buddy to support you throughout your onboarding, and your manager will walk you through a personalized 30-60-90 day plan to set you up for success. From there it only gets better with a dynamic company and org overviews, as well as live, interactive sessions with all members of the Senior Leadership Team (including both co-CEOs!) throughout your first few months.

Whether virtual now or in-office later, we make it a top priority to get you acclimated, comfortable and productive. We are excited for you to join us on this journey, and there's no better time than now.