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What Can You Expect from the AppDirect TBI Acquisition?

How will the recent acquisition of TBI impact your business? Find out how you can take advantage of new growth opportunities right now.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / March 27, 2023

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Strategy & Best Practices

Decoding MEDDICC—Andy Whyte Breaks Down the 3 Key Parts to Selling

Andy Whyte has literally written the book on the power of the MEDDICC sales system. He helps companies apply MEDDICC to inject velocity and predictability into their sales processes. Don’t miss Andy’s top MEDDIC insights.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / March 21, 2023


Industry Insights

Sell More, Tap into 3 Product Stack Trends

Are you curious what tech stacks are trending right now? Or are you looking for insight into having more productive customer conversations in the coming year?

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / February 27, 2023

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Industry Insights

5 Market Predictions for 2023 —What You Need to Know

Get prepared! Our 2023 forecast will help you decide where to focus on. Find out key predictions and how it may impact you and your customers.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / January 30, 2023

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Industry Insights

Key 2023 Economic Trends & Challenges—and How to Respond

How advisors can stay competitive in this challenging environment. We explore inflation, changing expectations around cash, productivity, and more.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / January 16, 2023

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Industry Insights

How to Build a Robust Cyber Security Strategy

Learn about the cybersecurity threats facing businesses today and choose the right solution.

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Advisors / December 20, 2022