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Our Partners Have Really Nice SaaS!

By Doriane Mouret / June 28, 2012


The AppDirect adventure began in July 2009 with just a few lines of code. Fast forward to November 2010, and we had built the premier platform for independent developers to sell their business applications around the world. When we launched in January 2011, 20 of these apps were available in our catalog. Today, hundreds of applications are offered through our global network of marketplaces.

From the beginning, our mission has been to create an easy integration experience for developers, giving them the power to reach millions of potential customers on different platforms worldwide. With a quick integration to our API , developers get unprecedented visibility along with robust tools to market their apps. That way, developers can focus on their core competencies and do what they do best—create awesome applications.

We’re inspired by the number of SaaS companies that share our vision and join us in our mission to help businesses make the move to the cloud. It takes some really Nice Apps to convince business owners to start using cloud-based applications, and it’s become very clear that our developers have Nice SaaS—actually, make that the best SaaS around.

To thank our developer partners for all they’ve contributed to AppDirect, we've created custom t-shirts that let them announce to the world what they’re all about. We were lucky enough to snap some photos of a few of our favorite partners wearing their new garb, and you can check them out below.

If you would like to partner with AppDirect and receive your t-shirt as well, send an email to You can also learn more about the AppDirect developer program by visiting our Developer Community.


Sara Rosenfeld is Community Manager and Customer Advocate at Wave Accounting. Wave Accounting is a free online accounting program for small business owners and freelancers. The application is available in the AppDirect catalog and can be found in most of AppDirect partner marketplaces.


Greg Barrow is a Web Developer at Brand Protect, which recently launched Mobile App Monitoring. Brand Protect also has three applications available on the AppDirect network: Social Media Monitoring, Domain Name Monitoring, and Website Integrity Seal.

Steve Ireland is the Founder and President of Noroda, a Canadian company behind Solve360, a modern CRM project management features. Find out more on their website!


Chuck Clark is a Technologist at Kashoo, an application for delivering simple, powerful online accounting software to small businesses everywhere. Visit to learn more!