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Help Customers Track Income, Expenses, and Stay Ready for Taxes with Intuit's QuickBooks Online

By Leslie Tytka / March 16, 2022

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AppDirect welcomes Intuit to the AppSmart Marketplace

Nearly all business owners and accounting teams have navigated a challenging financial landscape in recent years. While online sales are a lifeline during the pandemic and will be in the future, e-commerce transactions also complicate sales tax collection and overall financial operations. In an environment where online sales channels hit approximately $4.9 trillion worldwide in 2021, the tax cycle grows in complexity each year. Not only that, we're facing an expansion of remote work, which is increasing compliance complexity for many companies.

AppDirect is pleased to welcome Intuit to the AppSmart Marketplace under a direct resale model to better serve advisors and customers in managing financial operations. Now, advisors will be able to sell, and end-customers will be able to purchase and access Intuit's QuickBooks Online, plus an advanced add-on Payroll solution.

QuickBooks Online is an easy-to-use and flexible cloud accounting solution built for today's digital-first businesses. Accountants and business owners use it to manage invoices, pay bills, and track their cash flows. They also use it to generate month- and year-end financial reports and prepare for quarterly or annual business taxes. QuickBooks Online includes expert product support and tried plans, including Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, or Advanced plans. Under this agreement, users can also select services that complement Intuit products from the AppSmart Marketplace and manage each of those through a single unified view.

Cloud accounting, anytime and anywhere collaboration, and more

Delivered from the cloud, QuickBooks Online provides the flexibility to access business data anywhere, supporting enhanced real-time collaboration among remote and dispersed teams. Companies can take advantage of automatic data backups to the cloud, automated workflows to reduce errors and increase efficiency, and custom reporting options. QuickBooks includes powerful integrated tools and features to track income and expenses, invoicing, accept payments, track miles, send estimates, track sales and sales tax, manage and pay bills, track inventory, and much more.

"Companies of all sizes are expanding into online channels, exposing brands ​​to customers in new geographies—both domestically and internationally," said Herb Hogue, VP & General Manager of Cloud for AppSmart. "Beyond bookkeeping and taxes, Intuit is leading the cloud accounting revolution, allowing businesses to scale and confidently navigate complexities that accompany growth."

As organizations expand further into e-commerce channels and integrate with other online applications, it's clear that the accounting software market will continue growing. Reports suggest accounting software was valued at over $12 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach over $19 billion by 2026—with the cloud accounting software market growing dramatically. Now is the time for advisors to take advantage of the next-generation cloud accounting products from Intuit.

Through the unified AppSmart ecosystem, advisors can expand into profitable core and cross-sell opportunities around financial management, security, cloud, communications, and other digital services. Visit the AppSmart Marketplace for more information about Intuit and QuickBooks Online and get more details about our portfolio of cloud solutions.