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Do your cloud vendors continue to earn your business?

By / January 23, 2020

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Building relationships in the Cloud

Many business seek the help of trusted partners, not only for making the transition to cloud, but to help manage cloud services throughout their life-cycle. And though working with virtually any cloud vendor may accomplish this at first, companies and partners need to be able to recognize signifiers of quality, lasting relationships.

Does the vendor maintain superior service quality?

One of the primary reasons to change cloud vendors is product/service quality. Another is failure to recognize that the industry is changing rapidly and the willingness to adapt alongside it. If a vendor’s product doesn't continue to be best-in-class, why use them? A vendor could’ve been a standalone leader years ago when you first partnered, and they now could be lagging due to failure to maintain and innovate. If your vendor isn’t providing new products, upgrades, and comprehensive customer service to support it, find yourself a competing solution that does.

Do your cloud vendor stay engaged?

If your vendor isn't committed to building a relationship and helping your customer's business grow and succeed, there are plenty of vendors out there who would jump at the chance to compete for your business as well as provide the support you need. Look for vendors that share industry reports, invite you to accompany them to industry events, ask you to join a learning opportunity such as a webinar, or routinely ask for feedback on their services and products.

Is the vendor continuing to add value, above and beyond the core service?

A company’s past success does not define, or predict their future. Each day a cloud vendor should come in and continue to win your business. This is especially true in cloud, with so many vendors, replacement options, and new technologies emerging daily. Vendors need to ensure their product or service helps position you as a thought leader in front of your customers and helps you to acquire new customers. Credible cloud vendors will provide you with clear conditions of satisfaction that defines their relationship with you. Ideal cloud vendors will provide services and insights beyond just offering you a product, like providing sales and marketing help, or sharing industry knowledge and reports.


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