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Identify best-fit business apps by creating awareness & demand and acquiring qualify & nurture leads.

The top three blocks that comprise the Reach stage focus on creating demand, which requires developing a compelling portfolio strategy and value propositions.

Building Block 1: App Portfolio Strategy

The very first step in a provider’s cloud journey is building a meaningful portfolio of cloud services to include in its marketplace. It is also the very first step that providers often get wrong. Most providers fall victim to something we call the "if you build it, they will come" syndrome by simply stuffing their marketplaces full of as many applications as they can, whether relevant or not. In our experience, this approach is almost always guaranteed to fail.

Find out what is needed for providers to focus on building a curated portfolio of applications, one that reflects their own objectives, target market, and capabilities over time.

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Building Block 1 App Portfolio Strategy

Building Block 2: Value Proposition

Once a provider has built a portfolio strategy and determine which apps are most relevant to its prospects and customers, developing a compelling value proposition is the next step.

As its core, there are reasons why a buyer buys and why they should make the purchase from you. Without a clearly defined value proposition, providers won't be able to drive sales.

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Building Block 2 Value Proposition

Building Block 3: Lead Generation

Creating demand for the products in your online marketplace can be a high-stakes proposition by looking at a basic approach to generating leads, "pull" marketing. It is more impactful and cost effective when it comes to attracting prospects in the early buying stage. Pull marketing can deliver a higher level of engagement because the prospect shows an interest and takes action without prompting from you.

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Building Block 3 Lead Generation

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