Building Block 9 Live Onboarding Support


Building Block 9: Live Onboarding Support


Today’s businesses are eager to try new software solutions, but even the most knowledgeable users can need help to get up and running with a new application. Providing live, human-assisted support during the onboarding process is so critical to success.

There are two ways to provide expert live onboarding: do-it-yourself or outsource to a third party.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and finding the right fit for your business and goals should be a top priority before you start offering cloud services.

Provide Expert Live Onboarding

Building an In-House Team

Let’s start building a support team in house. To do this, a company can either train and ramp up existing teams to support cloud-based applications, or it can create a new team that focused only on cloud services onboarding and support.

The biggest benefit of building an in-house team is that you own it; you own operations end to end, as well as the relationship with the customer. Moreover, you can closely monitor compliance and performance while building your internal team’s experience and expertise.

In House Support Team

Outsourcing to a Third Party

However, a DIY approach is time and resource intensive. You are responsible for training, processes, and technology.

Partnering with a third-party support provider is often more time and cost effective. A support provider will have proven processes for training and support, as well as the underlying technology to power it all.

Not all third-party support providers are the same. Be sure you partner with a company that has the technology and processes you need to support your business objectives.

Outsource Third Party

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