Blocks layering on top of a building



Bundle to increase value, ramp-up assisted sales and remove barriers to self-serve.

In the Convert stage, the next three blocks will focus on closing the sale and finding the right balance between self-serve and assisted sales.

Building Block 4: Bundling

Bundles give buyers the impression that they're getting good value for their money, and buying related products together can be convenient for customers. When it comes to SaaS, there are three popular ways to bundle cloud apps, and each strategy comes with benefits and drawbacks.

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Building Block 4 Bundling

Building Block 5: Assisted Sales

Helping SMBs understand their choices and make the right decisions for their companies often take multiple steps, including human interactions, across multiple channels, both online and off. To effectively sell cloud-based business applications, sales teams must become trusted advisors and pay attention to the customer.

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Building Block 5 Assisted Sales

Building Block 6: Self-Service Sales

Enabling customers to buy for themselves is important because it allows you to target volume businesses without breaking the bank, enable you to start building momentum, and help establish a solid foundation for future organic cross sell and upsell opportunities. To help customers find, buy, and manage cloud-based business apps on their own, it is critical to nail down your end-to-end customer experience.

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Building Block 6 Self Service Sales

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