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AppInsights Features

AppInsights is your data hub, supplying real-time business KPIs to your teams so they can make the right call in any situation.

An app designed to surface new insights

Establish command and control over your organization by discovering and promoting the KPIs that drive your business forward. AppInsights delivers real-time data to the stakeholders who need it most. Here’s how:

Centralize your data

With fast and customizable data connections from AppInsights, you can stream from any data source and get the information you need for critical business decisions. Our cloud-based app places everything at your fingertips without costly data migrations or custom development work from your IT department.

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Display what’s important

AppInsights transforms your data into powerful and striking visualizations that educate and inform at a glance. Away from the office? Notifications will alert you even when you’re out, so crucial changes are never missed.

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Ensure accountability

From sales projections to deployment deadlines, AppInsights can automatically generate reports that highlight performance trends. Use data to drive accountability at every level of your organization, ensuring that everyone is aligned around the same objectives.

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Connect people and ideas

Drive collaboration by uniting people around the numbers that matter most. A full suite of user management and data security tools scale and adapt to suit any organization. Deliver powerful ideas around the globe or across the hall with ease.

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