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AppInsights for Project Management

Promote transparency and accountability while motivating teams to deliver quality on time, every time.

What can AppInsights do for you?

  • Pull relevant metrics with ready-made connections into popular project management suites
  • Chart project progress with powerful visualizations that inform at a glance
  • Share and promote KPI dashboards to motivate your teams and create transparency
  • Find and resolve issues as they happen rather than when project deadlines are imminent
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Andrew Love

Director of User Experience at PartnerHero

“I wanted our customer support dashboards to run without any input or user involvement, but I also needed them to be incredibly secure. The AppInsights dashboards run like a top, are easy for our internal users to access, and keep everybody informed without sacrificing data security.”

Dashboard for project management

Corral tickets, sprints, and commits with AppInsights. Get a complete view on the progress of your projects so you can eliminate blockers and ensure that your teams are tracking towards critical completion goals and benchmarks.

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Global outsourcing company simplifies project management.

An innovative force in distributed team management, PartnerHero leverages AppInsights to inspire stronger connections between customers and partner teams.

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