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AppInsights for DevOps and IT

Real time data about your technology infrastructure when you need it.

What can AppInsights do for you?

  • Connect directly to web apps and monitor the performance of your infrastructure in real-time
  • Track deployments via powerful visualizations and identify issues before your customers do
  • Detect and address unanticipated service disruptions with custom alert triggers
  • Manage user permissions for secure data sharing among your IT operations team
  • Create reports that can be modified without coding
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Jason Payne

IT Operations Manager at Endicia

“We’re the eyes of Endicia. We wanted to have all our metrics in one place, and we felt AppInsights was the way to give us that NOC feel, without having to allocate significant resources.”

Dashboards for IT

AppInsights lets you monitor your tech stack and automate report generation for your IT business units from a single app. Let users interact with data in a secure and safe environment without developing custom software.

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AppInsights is the pulse for Mountain View DevOps team.

See how IT Operations at Endicia uses AppInsights to keep pace with rapid growth and deliver reporting to clients and stakeholders.

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