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AppInsights provides real time reporting of data analytics and visualization through a KPI dashboard software that will inform, unite, and drive your company towards meaningful action.

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A command center for your business

AppInsights delivers data analytics and visualization that people can act on. KPI dashboard software can deliver real time reporting to the right people at the right time, helping them define their goals and providing insight on how they can best reach these benchmarks.

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Command Center for Your Business
App Insights Tile Monitor Critical Operations

Monitor critical operations

Gain total awareness of your critical business operations so you’re never caught off guard when the unexpected happens with real time reporting.


App Insights Tile Streamline Reporting

Streamline reporting

Spend more time executing and less time gathering data. Get stellar business reports for your key metrics without the manual labor through real time data visualization.


App Insights Tile Engage Inspire

Engage and inspire

Communicate strategies, develop insights, and align teams. Clear business KPIs drive conversations around facts, not rumors with data analytics and visualization.


Data solutions for any role

From sales managers to data analysts, AppInsights provides flexible solutions for the project or team that is most important to you with real time reporting and data analytics and visualization.

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Data Solutions for Any Role

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