We deliver applications to your marketplace. Offer your customers the best applications, fully integrated for a seamless user experience.

What We Do

Great apps equals happy customers, and higher subscription rates. AppDirect has built a thriving network of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) by becoming the go-to distribution channel for developers with cutting-edge SMB applications. Moreover, we're constantly sourcing for great technology that's flying under the radar, giving our marketplace partners first dibs on being the purveyors of the hottest new apps.

We fully evaluate each application to ensure it meets rigorous usability and service standards before allowing the integration process to proceed. After negotiating the revenue split and entering into a contract with the ISV, we then provide them with robust API documentation and full technical support to provide the best technical integration experience in the business.

How You Benefit

Our syndication service results in a marketplace full of best-of-breed applications, seamlessly available to your end users without you having to lift a finger. Our service significantly reduces the operational cost of your marketplace. The syndication process can cost distribution channels over $500,000 per service they want to offer; we do all the heavy lifting for free. You can also greatly accelerate your time to market by launching with services already on our network which are fully integrated, contracted, and ready to go live.

How it works

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    We help you find the right applications for your user-base by tailoring the selection criteria to your customers' unique needs.

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    We create, negotiate, and maintain legal contracts with application vendors for distribution. This saves you and vendors the legal burden of needing to negotiate with every vendor and channel, respectively.

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    We assess applications on a range of usability, support, and security metrics before allowing them on the network.

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    We deliver applications to market with unified billing, provisioning, single sign-on, access management, and much more.