Integrate to accelerate end-user adoption. Unify the marketplace with your existing systems to offer the best experience.

Integrate your existing web properties for unified identity management.

AppDirect acts as the Identity Provider (IDP) for distribution channels by default, but channel partners can assume IDP responsibilities through OpenID, SAML, or a custom solution to offer single sign-on between the marketplace and your existing web properties. You can also perform an attribute exchange with AppDirect to automatically onboard customers into the marketplace if they are already registered with one of your other web properties for a unified experience. Moreover, AppDirect can integrate to your user management functions if you want to sync role management or send out activation emails.

Integrate billing and payment systems.

Distribution channels can integrate for unified billing and payment operations or delegate all operations to the AppDirect platform. You can now offer customers the convenience of one bill for all of their cloud services. We can integrate to your payment systems to ensure that you handle all credit card information and that your customers don’t need to use a second payment method to buy from the marketplace. In addition, we can tie to your billing system to offer your customers the convenience of one bill. We can configure our subscription billing logic to stay synced with your billing cycle.

Integrate your value-added service portfolio.

We offer multiple methods to unify your service delivery. This includes:

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    ​Manual Order Fulfillment Process

    Manual Order Fulfillment ProcessOffers the fastest and easiest way for you to onboard your value-added services to a marketplace. In this integration scenario, we can handle the subscription, billing, and payment operations, while you handle product provisioning. When a customer buys the product, AppDirect creates a pending entitlement and programmatically notifies your sales team. Sales representatives can then provision the service and notify AppDirect to activate the entitlement.

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    ​Inbound Integration Hub

    Allows an end-to-end integration of value-added services into your marketplace for a seamless and unified end-user experience. The integration hub and its toolkit deliver the flexibility of a self-service integration experience so that you can on-board products at your own pace. The portal offers a product sandbox, API editing and testing tools, and life cycle management functions. The integration automates product provisioning and offers unified subscription, billing, payment identity, and access management.

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    Outbound Integration

    Leverage AppDirect’s experience in web service integrations. We can integrate to third-party web services on your behalf if you want to offer certain products through the store but don’t want to integrate to AppDirect. For example, if you negotiated a Microsoft partnership to offer Office 365 through your store, we can complete the integration for you. AppDirect can integrate to the CSP API set, which enables partners to purchase, activate, and manage subscriptions to CSP on behalf of customers. The integration also enables customer provisioning, user management, and domain management.

Track your marketplace performance.

We offer multiple reporting methods for you to track every aspect of your marketplace performance including:

  • Excel reports that cover conversion funnels or any other required data points.
  • CSV files that cover required performance metrics or other required data points.
  • Google Analytics integration for traffic statistics.
  • Integration to in-house accounting and reporting systems or third-party solutions.
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