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Are you missing out on the Cloud opportunity?

SaaS applications have emerged as a key technology solution for modern businesses, providing flexible and scalable software capabilities. According to Gartner, SaaS makes up the largest share of the cloud service market and more than 50% of the overall software market. This share is only expected to increase in the future. How equipped are you to offer end-to-end consultations and support Cloud Sales opportunities today?

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Let AppDirect Help

Selling cloud with AppDirect gives you automatic access to new capabilities to drive your success. Bring more value to your customers by offering a tailored cloud-focused session with an AppDirect Cloud Solution Specialist to define and drive solution requirements for their business. The outcome is a prescribed set of recommendations that lead to actionable next steps in a timeline manner.

These consultative workshops will help you drive the volume and velocity of your SaaS sales while unlocking the potential of cloud services for your customers. Use the links below to register a customer today—and see how AppDirect can help extend your sales team and expand your cloud portfolio with confidence.

Customer Challenge


Azure Infrastructure: Learn how to optimize IT cloud investments with Microsoft Azure. Register here for a best practice discussion with a Cloud Solution Specialist.

Cloud Security: Microsoft 365 offers one solution to run your business securely, from anywhere. Click here to book a consultation session with a cloud security expert.

Microsoft Teams: Tame meeting madness and reach new levels of productivity with Microsoft Teams. Click here to register and learn how to improve team collaboration.

Microsoft Copilot: Elevate your AI game while still keeping your business safe. Click here to book a session with a cloud expert to learn how to use AI to get back to the work that matters.

SaaS Optimization: This widespread use of SaaS applications has created a new set of IT challenges. Register here to discover how you can manage your cloud apps spend.


Google Workspace: Harness the full power of Google Workspace to consolidate costs and meet user expectations. Click here to register for a free-envision to learn more.


Optimize your AWS Environment with AppDirect. Get the guidance you need for a more efficient and secure cloud infrastructure. Click here to register and learn more.

SaaS Security

Secure your organization by understanding your vulnerability and building a path to protection. Click here to register for a consultation session with a cloud security expert.