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Long View Systems Streamlines Application Provisioning

Long View Systems consolidates storefront on one platform to remove friction in the buying process for end customers.

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Long View Systems is one of the largest privately-owned IT services and solutions companies in North America, with offices across the continent. LVS wanted to drive new revenue growth by targeting SMBs. However, before LVS could make the pivot, the company needed a self-serve portal where SMBs could buy and manage Microsoft products. Moreover, LVS needed a single platform that could handle both first- and third-party application sales. This would ensure their access to being a Microsoft provider via Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider program.

The point of inflection for the business came in recognizing that support, provisioning, and maintenance processes were all manual. LVS did not have automation behind what had become a meaningful segment of their business, and they were at a bottleneck which was inhibiting their ability to scale.


LVS selected AppDirect due to the self-serve and automation capabilities available on its platform. The ability to remain a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP was critical to choosing AppDirect. This led to a partnership with AppDirect aimed at streamlining processes for efficient scaling via the creation of a white-label marketplace.


By using the AppDirect platform, Long View Systems has reduced the number of steps and time it takes SMBs to propose, sell, and spin up their end customers on Microsoft. As a testament to its commitment to clients, market impact, and exemplary use of Microsoft technologies, Long View Systems was also named a Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2019. With help from AppDirect, Long View Systems continues to lead the way in making best-in-class solutions available to customers across North America.

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