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Industry Insights

Why Consumers Are Not Embracing the Smart Home

The Smart Home industry has been buzzing with potential these past few years with many analysts giving the industry a valuation of in the hundreds of ...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / February 27, 2017

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Strategy & Best Practices

The Future of Car Ownership

Autonomous vehicles are on the brink of dominating the roads. This is what you may think, judging by the latest headlines...

By Elliot Tucker / AppDevices / October 5, 2016


Company & Culture

AppCarousel is now the AppDevices division of AppDirect

Since AppCarousel’s acquisition where we joined the AppDirect family in 2015, we have continued to provide app management and monetization capabilitie...

By Elliot Tucker / AppDevices / September 29, 2016

Ford Drives  Io T With Its  Connected  Car  Strategy

Industry Insights

Ford Drives IoT with Its Connected Car Strategy

Check out the new article from AppCarousel's Terry Hughes, Managing Director and Senior Vice President and guest contributor to IoT Agenda by techtarg...

By Colin Chong / AppDevices / September 21, 2016

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News & Updates

SOTA Security – lessons learned from IT and mobile

Sota security for the connected vehicles in smart automotive magazine

By Terry Hughes / AppDevices / January 12, 2016

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News & Updates

Wired reviews the new Range Rover Evoque featuring the InControl Touch Pro powered by AppCarousel

Wired review of all new Land Rover Evoque Convertible

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / December 1, 2015